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Menu Planning – Week of October 15

I’ve been slacking at menu planning for the past few weeks.  This is bad because I’ve been scrambling around to figure out what we would have for dinner. 

This week is weird.  I have a favorite zoo that I swear the people will know by name soon because I’ve gone there at least once a month since April.  Well, they offer teacher workshops.  The workshops combine my favorite things – seeing the animals and photography.  They are offering a workshop this week.  My school gave me permission to attend the workshop. 

The workshop is on Friday and Saturday.  Since the Zoo is about an hour and 15 minutes away, I’m so fortunate because I have a family friend who is allowing me to spend the night at their house.  The wife is a pastor and is receiving an award that night.  Today I got an invitation to go to the dinner and award ceremony.  That is cool because I’ve been friends with the family for over 20 years.

My husband is going to have to feed the boys on Friday night before he goes to work.  Then on Saturday he’s going to bring the boys to the Zoo for Boo at the Zoo.  So we’ll eat dinner there or on the way home. 

Onto the menu:

Monday – Chili and cornbread (We were going to have cucumbers with the soup but our fridge decided to be extra cold so the cucumber froze. 😦 )

Tuesday – chicken with onions and peppers, left over mashed potatoes, veggies, Hawaiian bread

Wednesday – Italian sausage and spinach stuffed shells, spiced country applesauce

Thursday – mac and cheese, veggies

Friday – crockpot sweet and sour chicken with rice

Saturday – eat out

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