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Menu Planning ~ August 2012

Two things I got done this weekend after getting back from vacation.

1st thing:  I bought bulk amounts of chicken and pork.  I’m stocked up with hamburgers currently, so I didn’t need anymore.

2nd thing:  I cleaned out my freezer and made an inventory of what was in the freezer.

3rd thing:  I made ready-to-go oven/grill/skillet meals.

Since I did these things, meal planning was easy.  My meal plan has only the main dish.  Depending on what I have in the house, I will determine the side dishes and veggies during the month.

Week of Jul. 30

Mon. – Pot roast, potatoes, mixed veggies, raw broccoli, salad
Tues. – Pork fried rice, egg rolls, fortune cookies
Weds. – Breakfast for dinner (eggs, pancakes, sausage, or bacon)
Thurs. – BBQ chicken legs, mac, and cheese, corn
Fri. – Sloppy Joe biscuits, chips, broccoli
Sat. – Hamburger patties w/ homemade hamburger buns, homemade fries, raw veggies
Sun. – dinner w/ in-laws

Week of Aug. 6

Mon. – brown sugar ham
Tues. – taco bar (hamburger or chicken)
Weds. – buttermilk grilled chicken
Thurs. – apple cinnamon bratwurst
Fri.  – spaghetti
Sat. – ham and pineapple fried rice
Sun. – dinner at in-law

Week of Aug. 13

Mon. – aloha pork, rice
Tues. – homemade pizza
Wed. – either Polish sausage or smoked sausage
Thurs. – homemade hamburger helper, veggies
Fri. – chicken ranch tenders
Sat. – Cincinnati chili over spaghetti
Sun. – dinner at in-laws

Week of Aug. 20

Mon. – grilled cheese with tomato basil soup
Tues. – hamburgers with homemade French fries
Wed. – apricot pork chops
Thurs. – breakfast for dinner
Fri. – chicken marinated with raspberry vinaigrette
Sat. – steak
Sun. – dinner at in-laws

Week of Aug. 27

Mon. – brown sugar ham
Tues. – sloppy joes
Wed. – bbq shredded chicken sandwiches
Thurs. – spaghetti
Fri. – pot roast, mashed potatoes
Sat. – dinner with family
Sun. – dinner at in-laws

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