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Menu planning week of March 26

Last week I didn’t post a menu. I did menu planning, though.

This week is crazy. I’m staying late one day, have a doctor’s appointment another day, and am doing something another evening. Needless to say, I’ve got to ensure everything is ready for Hubby so he can get the boys and himself fed.

Monday – spaghetti, applesauce, salad, cheddar bay biscuits

Tuesday – pork roast, stuffing, veggies

Wednesday – Panko-crusted chicken, rice, and veggies

Thursday – crockpot creamy bratwurst soup, cornbread, salad

Friday – tacos

Saturday – shortcut beef stroganoff, egg noodles

2 thoughts on “Menu planning week of March 26

  1. do u have a recipe for the cheddar bay biscuits? i have seen them on lots of menu plans.
    also i would love the recipe for the bratwurst soup.
    i love brats but i usually only have them grilled or in the crockpot with kraut
    looks like a yummy week
    Here is a link to my Menu Plan
    I finally got a chance to sit down and do some browsing and look for some new ideas/recipes
    I’d love if you stopped by my page
    Hope you enjoyed your weekend:)

    1. I will be posting the cheddar bay biscuit recipe tomorrow. It’s going to be our first time trying the creamy bratwurst soup. If it’s good I’ll certainly post the recipe.

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