Menu Planning Monday ~ February 13, 2012

This is going to be a strange week.  I’m going to be staying late at work on Monday and Wednesday for parent teacher conferences.  They are going to be providing meals for the staff so I don’t have to worry about my dinners.  Usually I cook Hubby and the boys’ dinner in the crockpot and then take the left-overs for my lunch the next day.  This week we are getting lunch provided for us on Tuesday.  On Wednesday and Thursday, we are bringing in ingredients and making taco soup for lunch.

Since the boys and I are off for a 4 day weekend, we are going to go away.  So we are not going to need suppers for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday.  I’m going to cook Friday night’s dinner Thursday and then heat it up once we get to the hotel.  I’ve already had Hubby ask the hotel if they have a microwave and fridge.  I’m going to also bring lunch items so we won’t have to worry about eating out for lunch.

Now onto the meals:

Monday – Complete BBQ chicken dinner in the crockpot, left over biscuits

Tuesday – ham and pineapple fried rice, veggies

WednesdayMediterrean chicken over angel hair pasta, corn

Thursday – hamburger and veggie soup, crackers or cheddar muffins

Friday – Stromboli – One cheese and one pepperoni, salad, applesauce

Saturday – Out to eat

Sunday – Out to eat

Monday – Out to eat

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