Menu Planning Monday – Week of September 13 (with recipe for 7 up pork chops)

Monday – ravioli lasagna (freezer), salad, garlic bread, or Italian breadsticks

Tuesday – Chicken and cornbread dumplings (The $5 dollar mom’s cookbook pg 97) – I’ve been wanting to make this for a long time.  I’m finally going to get around to making it.

Wednesday – pork chops, peas, applesauce (recipe to follow)

Thursday – shimmy and roast Italian chicken, crash hot potato, veggie

Friday – White Castle Sliders, chips or fries, raw veggies

Saturday – left-overs

For other great menu plans, visit I’m an Organizing Junkie for Menu plan Monday.

7-up pork chops

  • 4 to 6 pork chops
  • 12 oz. can 7 up, Sprite, or lemon-lime soda
  • 1 envelope of onion soup mix
  1. Place chops in baking dish.
  2. Pour soda over chops and sprinkle with dry soup mix.
  3. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

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