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Menu Plan Monday – August 23

A review of last week’s meals:

A favorite was lemon-basil pasta.  It was my favorite meal during the week.  My hubby enjoyed it but not as much as I did.  The boys were not so keen on it but it was because it had green in it.
My hubby’s favorites were the meatball, breakfast burrito, and barbecue ham.  I was nervous about making the breakfast burritos for hubby because I didn’t know if he would like them.  He ended up eating two of them! 

This week’s meals

Monday – Primetime meatloaf (freezer), makeover macaroni and cheese, veggie

Tuesday – sloppy joes (freezer), chips, raw veggies

Wednesday – chicken cooked in the crockpot, mashed potato, green beans (Imaginative One’s first day back at school.  He requested this meal because it’s one of his favorites.)

Thursday – pork chops, peas, applesauce

Friday – chicken and rice casserole, rolls, veggies

Saturday – left-overs

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