Menu planning week of June 28

We don’t have as much going during this week.  There are few days that we don’t have anything planned so that will be nice.  We will just relax on those days.

Instead of assigning certain days to the meals, I’ve decided just to list them.  If I don’t get around to making a certain meal, I will carry it over to the next week.


cereal, mini pancakes, Snickerdoodle muffins, graham muffins


sandwiches (ham or peanut butter), left-overs


*Cheeseburger macaroni

50’s Prime Time meatloaf with mashed potatoes

Hashbrown casserole with ham and sausage

Almost famous chicken sandwiches with waffle fries (Food Network Magazine – July/August 2010) – The sandwiches will be served on homemade hamburger buns.

**Crockpot Cantonese sweet and sour chicken served over rice

**Italian beef sandwiches on homemade hamburger buns with potato chips

(All of the meals will be served with green beans, mixed veggies, corn or peas.  We might even have salad with the meals.)

 *Carry-over from last week

**One of these will be served on Saturday.  My sister is coming to visit and told me that she would like one of those meals.

A lot of these recipes are from a blog I found last week called Eat at Home.  Tiffany has a lot of great recipes.  She also creates menus with grocery lists for an entire week.

For more great meal plans visit I’m an organizing junkie.
Have a great week!!

4 thoughts on “Menu planning week of June 28”

    1. I ended up making mac’n’cheese with it. We hadn’t had that for a while so the boys asked for it and we ate mashed potatoes at my in-laws on Sunday night.
      The beef and pork meatloaf was so good. I loved the glaze on it. This recipe is a keeper. Next time, I’m going to do the meatloaf and mashed potato combo because it is so good.

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