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Toledo Zoo Part 1 – Post #1

A week before I went to Hershey with the Imaginative One, Hubby and I were childless for almost a week.  We decided to go to the Toledo Zoo which was the last zoo I needed to visit in Ohio.  A couple days later, we visited the Newport Aquarium before heading down to the Boy Scout camp to pick up the boys.

This blog series is a 9 part series – 4 posts from the Toledo Zoo, 3 from the Newport Aquarium, and 2 from the Boy Scout Camp.

We traveled up to Toledo on a Wednesday morning.  It’s about 2.5 hours north of us.

It’s broken into two parts.  In fact, there is 2 different parking lots.  MAP

We ended up parking in the parking lot off of Hippo Way.

This video shows our time in the Arctic Encounter and Expedition Africa.  We enjoyed the polar bear and seals.  I also fed the giraffe in Africa.

Enjoy the video.

Next week we will explore more of the zoo.

Have a magical day,

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