Seneca Lake, Geneva, and the Best Lunch EVER (Blog Post #7)

We are back after my 31 Days of Eating Gluten Free.

On Friday of my trip, Molly and I were going to visit a few of the finger lakes before going to get her allergy shot.  Our plans were changed once we visited Seneca Lake.  Next week, you’ll find out where we went after visiting Geneva, NY.  It was somewhere she had never visited.

Before we went to the lake, we went to Walmart to find some bug spray for our trip to Letchworth State Park.  While we were there, I found Polar Water which is flavored seltzer water that you can only buy in New England.  I became obsessed with Polar Water.  Okay maybe not obsessed.  I enjoyed the Polar Water because they were more delicious then some other brands that I have tried.


When Molly and I met up over Labor Day weekend, she brought me some more Polar Water and then my aunt brought me some more two weeks later.

Okay onto photos of the lake.

seneca lakeseneca lake 2

Seneca Lake is the second longest of the 11 of all of the Finger Lakes.  It is known for it’s 50 wineries.


We enjoyed listening to these birds.  They were SO loud.


rockssignsrandom 2

Those are random photos of the lake.

Since I have lost 20 pounds, I began doing toe touches at different spots while on vacation.  Seneca Lake is the start of this “tradition.”  2017 is going to be known as the year of the toe touch.

leg kick

photo session

Molly and I and then me jumping up for joy.  I love the bird photo bombing my photo.

visitor center

We went into the Visitor’s Center while we were at the lake.  The lady who was working there was excellent.  She gave us the suggestion of where to visit next and the best lunch EVER.  Maybe not EVER but it was pretty delicious.

Char Burrito Bar was like a Hot Head Burrito or Chipotle.  It was a mom and pop sort of restaurant.  I enjoyed the taste of the chipotle ranch and the fact that the meat had a charred taste.  Yum!

char burrito bar

We also checked out some of Geneva, New York.

muraldowntown Geneva 2downtown Geneva 1

Join me next week for our next adventure.

Have a magical day,

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