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Top Posts of June 2016

Can you believe it is already July?  I’m going to be back at work in a month.  Once I’m back to work, most of the meals will be easy meals.  

I shared a lot of recipes during June.  -The most viewed recipe that was viewed was actually a blog post that I reposted with a picture since I didn’t think I needed pictures during my first years of blogging.  Two of my other most view recipes that were posted in June were from the Secret Recipe Club.

Top 5 Recipes of June

5.)  Finger Jello – My mom used to make my sister and I finger jello when we were growing up.  

Finger Jello

4.) Simple Peach Crisp – Yum!  It’s peach season so this is an easy dessert using seasonal fruit.

Simple Peach Crisp

3.) Catalina Dressing – This was one of the two Secret Recipe Club recipes that I shared during the month of June.  This is a quick and easy dressing.

Catalina Dressing

2.) No Bake Turtle Walnut Brownies – This was the second recipe that I shared for the Secret Recipe Club.  This recipe and the number one recipe were neck in neck for the number one spot for about a week.

No Bake Turtle Walnut Brownies

1.) Orange Chicken – This recipe was originally posted in February 2011.  There was no photograph with the original blog post so I reposted the recipe.

orange chicken


Top 5 Recipes of June (Overall Recipes)

5.) Catalina Dressing

Catalina Dressing

4.) Baked Spaghetti – This recipe was posted in January 2012.  Baked Spaghetti is usually in my top 5 recipes if not number 1 most viewed recipe every month.

Baked Spaghetti

3.) Sausage, Peppers, and Onions – This recipe was posted in January 2016.  Sausage, peppers, and onions can be cooked in either the electric pressure cooker or the slow cooker.  Yum!

sausage, onions, and peppers

2.) No Bake Turtle Walnut Brownies

No Bake Turtle Walnut Brownies

1.) Orange Chicken

orange chicken


Top 10 Recipes Not Viewed


I looked at the stats to see what blog posts had not gotten very many views.  I’m going to share ten of the recipes that don’t have very many views.

1.) Sundried Tomato, Chicken, and Feta One Pot Pasta Dish

Sundried Tomato, Chicken, and Feta Pasta

2.) Sausage Pasta Skillet

sausage skillet pasta

3.) French Bread in a Bread Machine

French Bread

4.) Raspberry Simple Syrup

5.) Overnight Oatmeal

Overnight Oats

6.) My Aunt Janet’s Pecan Cookies

My Aunt Janet's Pecan Cookies

7.) Creamy Fruit Salad

Landes Meats Creamy Fruit Salad

8.) Sausage Gravy

9.) French Onion Dip Mix

10.) Beenie Weenies (Slow Cooker)

Beenie Weenies


Looking Ahead

I’ve got several peach recipes I’m going to be posting during the month of July since peaches are in peak season.  I also have a very bare bones July menu being posted on Monday.   We are going to be gone for a few days so I won’t be cooking during those days.  Plus I have an out of town guest coming to visit so we’ll be hitting some of my favorite local joints for our dinners.  She’s never been to my area so this is going to be exciting.

I also have my Secret Recipe Club post coming up this month so look for that blog post.

Sometime during August, I’m planning to post a week of Mason Jar salad recipes to help with work lunches.

I’ve also been working on recipes for 31 days of Slow Cooking in October.  This is the second year I’m going to be participating in the Write 31.  I enjoyed so much last year that I’ve decided to participate in once again.  The recipes are going to be ready to go before October.  Posts will not be ready to go though.  Those will be done on a daily basis in October.


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I hope you have a great day.  Thanks for reading my blog post.  

Happy eating,


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