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Sausage, Peppers, and Onions – Pressure Cooking Or Slow Cooker

I found this recipe and decided to make this for our dinner.  We loved that it was made in a pressure cooker.  Hubby got a lesson on how the pressure cooker works.  He saw how long the recipe was supposed to take so that he could gauge what time dinner was going to be on the table.  The problem is that he didn’t factor in the fact that the pressure cooker has to reach pressure before it starts cooking the food.

Hubby and I loved this dinner.  It was simple and delicious!

We ate it over rice I had cooked earlier in the pressure cooker.  I reheated it with butter, salt, and a Tablespoon or two of water.  Then I warmed it up in the microwave for about 3 minutes.  Afterward, I fluffed up the rice.

This would also be delicious over pasta.  We will save the rest of the sauce and use it over pasta for a quick dinner.  Yum!


I used basil garlic pork sausage from Fresh Thyme.  It’s bulk sausage, so you can choose how many sausage links you want to buy.  I only bought two sausage links since they are huge.  Then I cut each one into 4 pieces for a total of 8 pieces.

Sausage, Onions, and Peppers

adapted from Pressure Cooking Today

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16 thoughts on “Sausage, Peppers, and Onions – Pressure Cooking Or Slow Cooker

  1. I made this tonight, in my Instant Pot pressure cooker. I added brown rice to the recipe. I rinsed a cup of rice in my sieve, placed the rice in the pot. Then I added a cup of water extra to the 1/2 cup in the recipe (so 1.5 cups water total). I used a package of 6 links of Jennie-O Turkey Italian Sausage, cut into pieces. Used 1 large of each of red, yellow and orange pepper cut in strips and then also added some chopped frozen green pepper I had in the freezer. I used a can of diced tomatoes instead of crushed. Everything else was the same.

    DELICIOUS!!!! I can hardly wait to have it again for lunch tomorrow.

  2. I came across this recipe and wanted to try it. I was reading the ingredients to where you mention adding a jar of crushed tomatoes and a jar of spaghetti sauce and had to stop. You have no idea how different “a jar” of these can be, especially in Canada. I have had my Instant Pot long enough to know that if the ratios aren’t right, I could get a burn message with these tomato products. If you could update this recipe with the oz. for each, I’d love to try it.

      1. 28 oz or 2-14 oz. I don’t like chunky tomatoes so I used crushed tomatoes. You can also used diced tomatoes.

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