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Chocolate World, Again, and Trolley Ride – Blog Post #8

The next morning, we packed up and then headed back to Chocolate World.

Chocolate World has different adventures such as designing your own chocolate bar, a chocolate taste testing experience, a 3D movie, and the Hershey Trolley Works.

The Imaginative One only likes plain milk chocolate so making his own chocolate bar and the taste testing would not be worth spending money to do either of those.  Since he is 14, I did not think the 3D movie would not be appropriate.

So I decided to do the Trolley Ride.  The Imaginative One laughed so much while we were on the ride.  He was happy I chose to do the Trolley Tour.

I ended up sitting on the left side which means I did not get as many great photos.  Most of the time when they stopped it was the right side of the trolley that was able to see the different places such as Hershey’s home and the school.

I have 2 videos of the experience.  One is the photos and the other is a compilation of the videos that I took.

After we were done with the Trolley Ride, we traveled south to Gettysburg which is about an hour south of Hershey.  Join me next week for the photos of Gettysburg.  We only spent an hour or so there before heading towards home.

Have a magical day,

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