A Whirlwind Trip

My Youngest and I went on his 14-year-old trip and then met up with my best friend for our 5th EPIC trip.

Trauma Informed Care/ Teaching

Three weeks ago, the most unbelievable disaster occurred in our area. Fifteen tornadoes tore through the area. One was an EF-4 tornado that traveled 19 miles and had a width of 0.7 miles at it’s largest point. Another one was an EF-3 that traveled 10 miles.

An Oasis in the Middle of Destruction

One of the hardest hit areas of Dayton was near the Wegerzyn Gardens MetroPark. Part of the park was destroyed in the tornado. The gardens were untouched with the exception of some plywood.

Chattanooga, TN – Rock City – Part 3 (Part 9) – Fairyland Caverns and the Rest of Rock City

During Spring Break 2019, we traveled down to Chattanooga. While there, we enjoyed the scenic views of Lookout Mountain. We also visited Ruby Falls, the Tennessee Aquarium, and the Chattanooga Zoo. We also looked for ghosts and ghouls on a ghost tour. Enjoy our spring break/ 20th wedding anniversary trip. Way Down Rivers Journey –Continue reading “Chattanooga, TN – Rock City – Part 3 (Part 9) – Fairyland Caverns and the Rest of Rock City”