Toledo Zoo Part 1 – Post #1

A week before I went to Hershey with the Imaginative One, Hubby and I were childless for almost a week.  We decided to go to the Toledo Zoo which was the last zoo I needed to visit in Ohio.  A couple days later, we visited the Newport Aquarium before heading down to the Boy Scout camp to pick up the boys. Continue reading “Toledo Zoo Part 1 – Post #1”

Friday Morning Beach Walk – Day 9 Part 1

Once again, I took a walk on the beach on Friday morning of our trip.  Luckily I did it before the rain storm.

We had a rain storm on the last full day of us staying on the beach so that was a bummer.

Enjoy my video of my walk on the beach.

Have a magical day,

Trip Home from Hershey – Blog Post #10

After we were done with Gettysburg, we traveled south to Maryland.  The Imaginative One had never been to Maryland.

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Ways to Up Your Salad Game – Add Some Healthy Fat

How can you take a salad from ho-hum to WOW? We are going to tackle this idea during this series. Here are the topics I’m going to discuss during this series:

  1. Change Up Your Greens

  2. Add Some Healthy Fat

  3. Protein, Protein, Protein

  4. Toppings Matter

  5. How About Roasting Some Veggies?

  6. Add Some Fruit

  7. Cheese Lovers Unite

  8. Seasonal Veggies and Eat the Rainbow

  9. Salad Dressings Matter

  10. Grains and Pasta

A word of caution: When you add multi toppings to the salad, you need to be careful you are not adding too many calories. Salads can be healthy but too many toppings can cause them to become “junk” foodish.

Add Some Healthy Fats

People are often scared of eating fat but there are some healthy fats that are good for you.  Why?

  1. They will keep you full between meals.
  2. They give you a layer of protection which keeps your core temperature regulated.
  3. They help you digest certain vitamins.

So which types of fats should you add to your salad?

  1.  Avocados
  2. Cheese – My favorite cheeses are feta and goat cheese.
  3. Eggs – Hard boiled or even a fried egg
  4. Fish – Such as salmon and tuna
  5. Nuts – Just make sure they are just nuts without all of the extra ingredients. Be sure not to add too many nuts because those calories will add up.
  6. Chia seeds – I love chia seeds.
  7. Extra virgin olive oil – Make your own vinaigrette using EVOO.
  8. Olives – One of my favorite ways to get healthy fats.
  9. Tofu
  10. Edamane
  11. Sunflower Seeds
  12. Tahini / Hummus – Another one of those ingredients that you can go overboard with so don’t use too much of it.

Happy eating,

Mom, What’s For Dinner? – Week of April 23, 2018

Some of my meals are hold overs from the previous week because of LIFE.

Anyway I’ve sat down and figured out meals for this week.

One of the big things this week is the state superintendent is coming to our school on Wednesday.  My bulletin board is a HOT mess because I never really put anything on the board.  Then students come through and tear the paper.  I am going to stay after work on Monday to take care of the board and clean up my room.  Luckily I bought a frozen lasagna so Hubby is going to bake that or he is going to make the frozen orange chicken with frozen rice.

I love salads for lunch.  So easy.  I can put the ingredients in the fridge and quickly put together my lunch.  This week though I may do Mason Jar salads which are even easier.  Luckily I’m not a big Romaine lettuce fan.  I’ll eat it but it’s not my favorite.

Here are my breakfasts:

  1. Chocolate Chip Ricotta Muffins
  2. Cottage Cheese with Peaches
  3. Deviled Eggs

My lunches:

Dinners are broken into vegetarian meals and non vegetarian meals.  You’ll notice there is one meal that is the same.  It’s a non vegetarian meal that I’m going to serve to everyone.


  1. Lasagna Stuffed Peppers
  2. Baked Spaghetti  Squash and Cheese
  3. Pasta and Broccoli
  4. Enchilada Quinoa
  5. Meatless Orange Chicken

Non Vegetarian:

  1. Sausage and Mac and Cheese
  2. Enchilada Quinoa
  3. Honey Sesame Chicken
  4. Burgers and Fries
  5. Frozen Lasagna or Orange Chicken


I’m also getting some Naan bread so if I get a craving for pizza I can make my own.

Happy eating,


Date Night – Day 8 Part 4

Hubby and I wanted to go look for the sunset once again.  At first we were going to go back to Mt. Pleasant but changed our minds.  We ended up in downtown Folly Beach once again.

We stopped at Hubby’s favorite sandwich/ pizza place there – Wich Doctor.  He ended up getting himself some sort of pizza.

Then we were going to take photos from the bridge leading into Folly Beach.  There really wasn’t a sunset so we checked out the park before heading back to the beach house.

Join me next week for my Friday morning beach walk.

Have a magical day,