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Menu Plan Monday – Week of November 30, 2015

I’m back at work after a week off.  So it’s back to the daily grind.

On Saturday, I asked the boys what they wanted to have for dinner.  The Imaginative One asked for brown sugar ham, and the Wee One asked for chicken noodle soup.  Actually, he asked for chicken nugget soup.  At least that was the joke on Saturday.  The Wee One loves chicken noodle soup.


Anyway, onto the menu,

MondayBrown sugar ham & leftover Thanksgiving side dishes

Tuesday – Leftover turkey corn soup and turkey pot pie with 7-up biscuits

Wednesday – chicken noodle soup

Thursday – honey dijon pork chops, rice, either corn or mixed veggies

FridayHomemade pizza

A few notes:

  1. I don’t include Saturdays and Sundays because those are always up in the air what I make or what is going on.
  2. Breakfasts and lunches are left to the individuals.  We have food for both, but I don’t plan them out.

For a printable version of the menu, click here.

Happy Eating,

2 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday – Week of November 30, 2015

  1. Hmm, chicken nugget soup…I think the wee one is on to something! Sounds like a yummy week. Enjoy those little ones 🙂

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