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Gerry Brooks and Findlay Market

Wednesday was Hubby’s birthday.  We went out to dinner on his birthday and then celebrated with an outing on Saturday.  There is a YouTube sensation named Gerry Brooks.  He is a principal in Lexington, Kentucky.  He talks about teaching in the most hilarious way.  

Gerry was going to be speaking in Cincinnati so I decided to take Hubby to see him.  Hubby enjoys his videos but was unsure about going to see him.

Here are two of my favorite videos of Gerry Brooks.


The event was held at the Cincinnati Christian College.


We did the meet and greet with him.  I actually brought him some cups of blessings.  He was surprised when I actually gave them to him.



Hubby and I with Gerry Brooks


The first part of the talk was about his videos and how he started making the videos.  They were started to help his staff during state testing.

The second part of his talk was so motivating and hilarious.  He talked about how to deal with parents, students, and colleagues.  He has discovered different student types, parent types, and colleague types.  My favorite student type is the HSW – Hallway Sloth Walker.  You know the student who walks so slowly down the hall.

He reminded us that most parents are most concerned with their child’s safety and happiness.

At the end of the talk, he prayed for all those who came to hear him speak.  Loved that.


Hubby was impressed with his talk.  Even though he does not teach, he was able to apply some of the lessons to his life.

I got the Teach your heart out shirt.

After we were finished with watching Gerry Brooks, we went over to the Findlay Market in the Over-the-Rhine area of Cincinnati.  I had not been to the Over-the-Rhine area since my mission trip in 1990.

Here are some photos from our visit.









Have a magical day,

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