Homemade Gluten Free Brownies

Ever since late January, I have been eating a mostly gluten free diet.  When I eat gluten, it messes up my body.  I get headaches or my energy level tanks out.  It sucks because it mostly with desserts.  Your body truly does change after turning 40.  Mine gave me a year and a half after my 40th birthday to change it’s chemistry.

I also have to be careful with the amount of dairy I eat because it causes me to get stuffed up.  Do not even talk about ice cream because I cannot eat it AT all.  It messes up my body or causes me to break out.

On Friday night I was craving brownies so I looked for a gluten free recipe.  You would not know these brownies are gluten free at all.  All I can taste is the fudgy goodness without feeling like crap afterwards.  Win!  Win!

Oh and afterwards, I was so tired from my busy work week that I crashed on the couch while the family was watching a movie.  I only got to taste the delicious brownies.  I may have eaten some brownie for my breakfast on Saturday morning.

For the recipe, visit my Food Journey blog where I post my gluten free and dairy free recipes.

I have other gluten free brownie recipes on this blog if you want to check out those recipes:  vegan black bean brownies and No Bake Turtle Walnut Brownies.

Happy eating,

P.S.  What are some foods that you used to be able to eat that you cannot eat anymore?