All because it was humid

It was Friday morning of our vacation.

I got early to walk the beach.

All of the sudden my camera was not working.  The photos were hazy.



What was wrong with my camera?  (Insert some not nice words.)

I tried wiping my lens because it could have been condensation.  Maybe it was the other end of the end of the lens.  Still nothing worked.  Everything was still hazy.

I sat down on the rocks trying to figure out what was wrong with my camera.IMAG3103

Sitting down on the rocks gave me clarity because I was almost ready to walk back to the beach house in a fury.  Or I might have tossed the camera in the ocean.

Once I had a  clear head, I decided to see if it was the sensor that was fogged up.  Once I cleaned the sensor, my photos became clearer.  No more hazy photos – My day was saved.

So why did my camera fog up so bad.

It was humid.

Now that my camera was defogged, I was able to continue on my walk.  That morning I walked for 2 hours.

Life was great once I figured out why my camera was not working.


Later that morning, it began to rain for two or three hours.  I’m glad I got out and walked before the rain.

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It