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Is it my birthday?

Ever since January, the Wee One has asked me if it was his birthday yet?  I would tell him no and then tell him how many more months until his birthday.  When June came, he would ask every day instead of just every once in a while.  We would talk about how many more days were left. 

On Father’s Day, we went to my mother’s to celebrate with her.  We decided to eat at a local park, but since there was a heat advisory, we ate in the shelter.  The boys fed the ducks in the pond after they finished lunch.  The Wee One got to open up his birthday gifts.  (So did the Imaginative One because his birthday is coming up.)

Later that evening, we went to my in-laws for our Sunday meal.  After dinner, we celebrated his birthday with cupcakes and ice cream treats.  One of his church buddies came over to help him celebrate his birthday.

The Wee One’s birthday cupcakes – His favorite colors are orange and blue.

When the Wee One blew out his cupcakes, he kept blowing and blowing.  Finally, his daddy had to help him.

His brother took extra care with the wrapping of the gift.  I had to stop putting tape on the package because he wanted many tapes.

We went to a free movie at the local movie theater on the Wee One’s actual birthday.  We saw The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.  Afterward, we got the tickets for Toy Story 3 and then ate at Red Robin.  After we ate Red Robin, the Wee One and I met with the Imaginative One and daddy to see Toy Story 3, a very good movie.  The Wee One went for a swim when we got home.  Later in the evening, we went on a play date with my MOP’s group.  Of course, the Wee One found a mud puddle and fell in.  So we had to go home.  All in all, I think he had a delightful fifth birthday.


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