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Sausage-sauerkraut skillet dinner

One of my favorite blogs is Cooking during stolen moments. Kate, the author, often has good recipes that my family enjoys eating. One of those recipes is Sausage-Sauekraut skillet dinner. I saw the recipe when she posted it in May and decided I needed to put it on my menu plan.

To be honest, I’m the only one who enjoys eating sauerkraut. Hubby does eat it; however, it’s not his favorite. When I made it on Monday, the boys humored me and tried the sauerkraut. They both decided they were not fans of it. They both loved the sausage. I could have saved time and effort and cooked up the sausage. Hubby did enjoy it, and I loved it. But I love sauerkraut, so the likely hood of me liking it is great.

Things I did differently:
I used turkey sausage. There is no difference in taste.
Instead of canned sauerkraut, I used refridgerated sauerkraut.  I also rinsed off the sauerkraut before putting it in the skillet.
I also used three potatoes.

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Reading to Therapy Dogs

My Wee one and Imaginative one are participating in the summer reading program at our local library.  The library has a lot of cool activities for them to participate in.  One of them is reading to the therapy dogs.  The imaginative one loves to read to them.  He doesn’t choose easy books to read.  Instead, he picks harder books or chapter books to read to the dogs.

He fell in love with this golden retriever, Lacy.  When she was at the library, he ended up reading/spending an hour with her.  He read How I Became a Pirate and then listened to other children read to her.  Her handler ended up taking pictures of the imaginative one reading to her.

Here is another picture of him with her.