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Menu Plan Monday – Week of November 30, 2015

I’m back at work after a week off.  So it’s back to the daily grind.

On Saturday, I asked the boys what they wanted to have for dinner.  The Imaginative One asked for brown sugar ham and the Wee One asked for chicken noodle soup.  Actually he asked for chicken nugget soup.  At least that was the joke on Saturday.  The Wee One loves chicken noodle soup.

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Menu Planning Monday – Week of November 23

Menu Plan Monday

Hello!  Happy Thanksgiving week!

Last week, I didn’t make a menu so our eating was kind of crazy.  Actually it was crazy part of the week.  This week I’m going to have a plan since it’s Thanksgiving week.  I need to simplify my life this week.

My Menu

Monday – Leftovers from Saturday’s and Sunday’s meals – either chili or cheeseburger pie – If you don’t want either of those, then you can make yourself a sandwich.

Tuesday and Wednesday – One day we are going to have pumpkin chili and the other day we are going to have pulled pork sandwiches from the freezer.  We have new bbq sauce from Jungle Jim’s that Hubby wants to try.

Thursday – Thanksgiving Dinner (Link with menu and printables)

Friday – Leftovers

Prep for this week:

Monday – peel and cut potatoes, soak potatoes in water, peel and cut up carrots, hard boil the eggs in the oven, pull out the Cool-Whip from freezer

Tuesday – peel eggs & put in red beet/vinegar mixture, drain potatoes and cook in the slow cooker, make mashed potatoes, make the pumpkin pie sheet cake, make the makes it own crust apple pie, & white salad

Wednesday – Make Honey Glazed Carrots, Macaroni and Cheese, and Stuffing, Cut up veggies for veggie tray, Make Mini Monkey Bread for breakfast and Young’s Dairy Pumpkin Muffins, pull out rolls, cranberry relish, and pumpkin butter out of the freezer

Thursday – Make green bean casserole and sweet potato casserole, Bake the rolls, Whip the whipping cream, put together the relish and veggie tray, ENJOY the dinner

Have a great Thanksgiving!


Menu Plan Monday – September 28

This week I am going to use the crock pot for our dinners. I have been busy with work and have been staying later then usual. The result is we haven’t been eating homemade meals.

On Saturday morning, the Wee One and I went shopping.  We got all the meat and other ingredients for the meals.

After we got home from shopping, I put the hamburger in the crock pot. While we were having family time, the hamburger was cooking. The cooked hamburger is going to be used for sloppy Joes and the soup. Then I put the stewing meat into smaller containers since I bought a family pack.

Onto the meal plan:

Monday – roasted chicken in the crock pot, baked potatoes, veggie

Tuesday – sloppy Joes, chips, salad

Wednesday – Italian beef and pasta soup, crescent roll, salad

Thursday – out to eat, the Wee One, Hubby, and I are going to a concert

Friday – beef stew with Easy Peasy Cheesy Garlic bread made from leftover hamburger buns

Saturday – Potluck dinner

The Wee One trying apple butter at the Apple Fest

Happy Eating,