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If I Had Stayed IN Bed

I wish I would have stayed in bed.

Some days are like that.

Lately, it seems as though those are more and more days like that.

However, it is usually moments that are fleeting. Not the entire day.

Today was one of those days.

Listening to my son rant and rage about how he is feeling about the whole breakup has broken my heart. He usually has a kind soul who loves life.

I put on P!nk’s Hurts 2B Human album and played the song Hurts 2B Human on repeat and just bawled my eyes out on the way to work. I was a truly hot mess when I got there this morning.

I did listen to a few other songs but I played that song about 5 times.

I encountered some really stupid drivers on the way to school so that didn’t help. One of which pulled over in my lane and slowed way down so that he could get into the other lane so he could get off at the next exit. Luckily there was enough space between us so I could safely slow down.

Four of my co-workers allowed me to rant about the situation because I needed to get it off my chest before the students came in for the day.

Then the day started. I got hugs from students. One in particular gave me a hug several times throughout the day.

I escorted a student to class because he couldn’t figure out how to be sneaky so he wasn’t caught by me, the hallway patrol.

I had some good intervention sessions. In fact, I had some awesome ones. Then there were the ones where I am left in bewilderment on how disrespectful the students can be to each other and me. The one group sees me twice on Wednesdays so they made up for their not so good session. I don’t know why they were so bad during math intervention.

Listening to students get excited about what we were reading made my day. I had students asking questions and wanting to know more and other students using context clues. Those make an Intervention Specialist’s heart soar.

A student decided she needed to hang onto me as I was trying to lock my door. She has no concept of personal space.

During dismissal time, one of my students from last year showed up at the building. I got to talk to her and her mom for a while. It was such a sweet conversation. I love how she asked me if I had traveled anywhere lately.

I also found Swt. Blessings scripture plan for this month. It’s about finding comfort in God. I read today’s Scripture from 2 Corinthians 4: 7 – 9. It gave me comfort during this time.

So although at the beginning of the day and at moments throughout the day I felt as though I wish I had stayed in bed, I would not have had the beautiful parts of the day.

The sunrise today – So gorgeous!
One of my former students posted this today on Facebook. It popped up in my notifications. What a great message.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

5 thoughts on “If I Had Stayed IN Bed

  1. Those photos are so gorgeous!

    I’m sorry about your day. Sometimes it indeed hurts to be human. I remember when my oldest son and his first “real” girlfriend broke up, it broke my heart, too. I’d just start crying out of literally nowhere. It did at least prepare me for when they youngest son and his girlfriend broke up, though.

    I’m just here via Kat’s, and chose the same prompt. Mine seems so silly and petty compared to the others I’ve read. But after a stressful spring-into-summer-into-fall, it doesn’t take much to set me off anymore. I try to hold onto the much good that has happened along the way, too, but sometimes it’s just hard.


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and the kind remarks.

      He’s been a ball of emotions. Grief, anger, sadness, etc. . . Last night, he used his Kung Fu master as a sounding block as he yelled and screamed about how much he disliked her. Then he proceeded to yell at me. Hubby took it upon himself to take him aside and have a man to man talk. It was then he realized that is all he needed. He needed to get his emotions out.

      The problem is that he is in 2 classes, Kung Fu, and on the same bus with this girl. He sits by her in Chemistry class so he cannot just distance himself from her.

  2. Oh man, I am not looking forward to watching my kids suffer through breakups. They’re so painful! I hope they understand that someday they will end up with exactly who they are supposed to be with, someone who loves them for exactly who they are and they will look back at their first relationships and feel glad for the experience. Hope he’s doing better!

    1. It’s been an up and down struggle. He had a yelling/ getting it all out at his Kung Fu teacher.

      He sees her every day because they are in 2 classes together. She’s refusing to acknowledge his existence which is frustrating him. Actually, the whole break up and the aftermath has been confusing and frustrating.

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