Morning Beach Walk 

Today’s Writer’s Workshop is perfect. I have chosen to write about the last time I wore a bathing suit. We are currently at Folly Beach, South Carolina. This morning I took a walk on the beach down to the fishing pier and then back to the house via the road so I could look atContinue reading “Morning Beach Walk “

Holland, Michigan – Sunday Night – Beach and Sunset

Join me on Wednesdays for the Holland, Michigan photos. Last July, Hubby and I decided to pick up the Imaginative One and his buddy from their DeMolay‘s Conclave.  If you have not heard about DeMolay, it’s a teenage boys’ Masonic organization.  Conclave is their state meeting. We drove them from Conclave to Michigan for their […]

Welcome To . . .

Here are a few photos from our road trip.  When we go to different states, we love to stop at the welcome center and get photos welcoming us to the different states.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for another photo or maybe photos from our road trip.  The travel blogs of this road tripContinue reading “Welcome To . . .”

Artisan’s Center, Town, and Hands

Join me on Saturdays where I’ll share my photos from my road trip with my mom.   During my spring break, Mom and I took a road trip.  I allowed my mom to pick where we were going to visit.  She decided on Berea, Kentucky because she had a friend who lives there. Berea is […]

My Top Ten Places I Want to See Before I Die

I got a new book called “My Top Ten.”  It’s a journal with topics such as “My Top 10 Favorite Artists” or “My Top 10 People I Would Have Lunch With.”  I bought it to help with possible blog topics. I’ve decided that every Friday I’m going to share a list from the journal.

Happy Birthday, Wee One!

It’s throwback Thursday. Today is the Wee One’s 12th birthday! When I was pregnant with the Wee One, the third trimester was just awful.  I had a lot of  preterm labor scares.  I went to the hospital 3 times prior to his actual birth because of false labor.  Once was by ambulance. I had beenContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Wee One!”

2017 Summer Bucket List

I’ve been on summer vacation for the past almost month.  (May 26)  Some of the items have been completed or about to be completed. Travel Rochester, NY – I’ve already taken this trip.  I’ll start sharing blog posts about my trip as soon as my Berea, Kentucky trip blog posts are completed in late July.Continue reading “2017 Summer Bucket List”