My Aunt’s Quick Trip to Home – Throwback Thursday

In April 2014, we received word that my mom’s cousin,Kate, was diagnosed with cancer.  She was not given much time to live.

My aunt, Missy, lives in New York about 12 hours or so from where I live.  Since we did not know how long Kate had before she died, Aunt Missy and my cousin drove in for a day or two to visit Kate.

While Aunt Missy was in town, she made time to visit with the boys and I.  We went out to one our favorite places – Young’s Dairy.  Afterwards we picked up my cousin from where she was exercising while we were at Young’s Dairy.

These are photos from the visit with my aunt and cousin.  As you can tell the Wee One was not cooperating in the first photo.  The second one ended up being hilarious with the Wee One climbing on his brother’s back.

Sadly, Kate ended up dying on September 11th that year.

Oh and a cool thing is that my aunt is only 15 years older than me.  I’m 14 years older than my cousin.  My cousin is 13 years older than my oldest and 15 years older than my younger.

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

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