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Love in the Scottish Highlands

4. Book review!

Have you ever fallen in love with a book that you are willing to read over and over again?  A book that makes you want to travel to a foreign land just to see the sights that are mentioned.  A book that makes you meet your own Jamie.

I have read Outlander by Diana Gabaldon over and over again.  I’m currently listening to the book on Audible once again. Continue reading Love in the Scottish Highlands

What Did You Just Say?

2. Something your kids said that made you think.

Let me start off with this disclaimer:  The Imaginative One is a ferocious reader.  He almost always has a book in his hand.  In fact on Tuesday, he was supposed to help with a fire safety merit badge class for Boy Scouts.  Instead he wanted to read.

A while back, he had not done one of his chores so I threatened to take away his book he was reading.  He told me that I was going to mess up his education. Continue reading What Did You Just Say?

My Aunt’s Quick Trip to Home – Throwback Thursday

In April 2014, we received word that my mom’s cousin,Kate, was diagnosed with cancer.  She was not given much time to live.

My aunt, Missy, lives in New York about 12 hours or so from where I live.  Since we did not know how long Kate had before she died, Aunt Missy and my cousin drove in for a day or two to visit Kate.

While Aunt Missy was in town, she made time to visit with the boys and I.  We went out to one our favorite places – Young’s Dairy.  Afterwards we picked up my cousin from where she was exercising while we were at Young’s Dairy.

These are photos from the visit with my aunt and cousin.  As you can tell the Wee One was not cooperating in the first photo.  The second one ended up being hilarious with the Wee One climbing on his brother’s back.

Sadly, Kate ended up dying on September 11th that year.

Oh and a cool thing is that my aunt is only 15 years older than me.  I’m 14 years older than my cousin.  My cousin is 13 years older than my oldest and 15 years older than my younger.

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

One More Day . . .

5. You have one wish…what do you wish for?

Almost seven months ago, my sister left this Earth for her Heavenly home.  It was sudden.  I never got to say good-bye to her.

My wish is that I could spend one more day with her.  I would love to tell her how much she is loved.  How much I miss her.

During that day, I would do what I am known for – being unpredictable.  We would go on a road trip with no real destination.  I would take a million billion photos of our adventure.  Later I would smile when I would remember that one more day I spent with her.

We would talk about our youth and laugh our butts off.  Backstreet Boys or New Kids on the Block would be playing on my radio.

We would call my mom and pretend that some random Hispanic guy or a guy with a bad haircut was calling to ask her on the date.

If I had one wish, I would want more day with my sister.  As Trace Adkins sings “You’re Gonna Miss This,”  I truly do miss her and the times we spent together.

Have a magical day!


Mama’s Losin’ It

“Slow Down . . .You are in Folly”

Southern charm!

People with cutest Southern accents!

Beautiful beaches and scenery!

Full of history!

Full of mystery!

Ghost stories galore!

The yummiest food!

All of these descriptions describe one of my favorite places to visit.  In fact, I’m visiting it in 4 months.

So where is this paradise?  It’s one of the beaches located close to Charleston, South Carolina.

I’ve shared these photos before when I wrote about our Super Trip in 2013.

Since I’m getting ready to visit once again, I’m going to share lots of photos from Folly Beach and Charleston.

I’m sharing nine different slideshows of photos from our 2013 trip.  I’ve captioned all of the photos.  You can pause the photos to view them better and look at them at your leisure.

Random Shots

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More Random Shots

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Downtown Charleston

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Back to Folly Beach

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More Downtown Charleston

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Folly Beach and the Angel Oak

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Folly Beach

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Even More of Downtown Charleston and the Angel Oak

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And finally back to Folly Beach

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I hope you enjoyed the slideshows of one of my favorite places to visit.

Where is your favorite places to visit?

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

A Rainy Day Proposal

What does a rainy Thursday and a townhouse have to do with my marriage proposal?

It was March 18, 1999.

The previous day was my last day of student teaching.  Since we had a really bad winter that year, my student teaching was extended for about a week.  Ice storms and lots of snow plagued the area that winter.

My last student teaching seminar was completed that afternoon.  Exhaustion was felt all the way to my bones.  My plans that evening was to sleep.

However, my boyfriend at that time dragged me out of the dorm room kicking and screaming.

It was a rainy day.  My boyfriend wanted to take me out to a place called Glen Helen in Yellow Springs but the muddiness would make hiking impossible.  So he had to quickly change his plans.

Instead he decided to take us to look for apartments since I was getting ready to move out of the dorms and he was getting to move out of his parents’ house.

The first place we looked at was a townhouse.  It was a perfect starting place for us.  Suddenly as we were looking at the part of the living closest to the stairs, my boyfriend got on one knee.

“Do you want this apartment?  Will you marry me?”

Of course, I said yes on that rainy Thursday.

A month and a half later, my boyfriend became my husband.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  What is your proposal story?

Us in 2015

Have a magical day,

 Mama’s Losin’ It