Last Easter

The other night I was looking through my photos. I found this photo of Tanya taken last Easter. This photo captures Tanya. She always had a book in her hand. 

Dear Tanya (9/22/16)

Dearest Tanya, How is Heaven?  Have you seen both grandmas and both grandpas?  If you have, please tell them how much I miss them.  Give them hugs and kisses for me.

Dear Tanya (9/13/16)

Dearest Tanya, Since I can’t call you, I’ve decided to write you another letter. Did you see the Celebration we held for you?  So many of our Rainbow friends came to remember you.  Did you see that Amy got us a cake with the picture of you and I on it?  Family came to theContinue reading “Dear Tanya (9/13/16)”