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7 Things to Do More Often

1.      Pray and trust the Lord

This weekend I ended up having my gallbladder taken out 6 days before my scheduled surgery.  I could have panicked during the whole experience, but I put my faith in the Lord.  He put the right medical personnel to aid me when I needed it.

2.      Enjoy sunrises and sunsets

Every day God gives a fresh beginning with the sunrise.  He reminds me his grace during each sunset.

3.      Be Grateful for what you have

After being sick since November, I’m grateful to have a supportive family.  They understood that me not having the energy to do much was because of an invisible illness.  Hubby and even the Imaginative One have really encouraged me to continue to get better.  The Wee One, who is a preteen, has helped me in his own ways.

I’m also grateful for my health.  Whenever I went to the doctors about my gallbladder and was asked about my medical history, I really did not have much to report because I was healthy.

4.      Photograph life

You never know when life will throw you a hardball.  Photographs will remind you of lost family and memories you have collected over the years.

5.      Learn something new

Everyday you should learn something new.  At least that’s what experts say.  I enjoy learning new information whether it’s about a place I have visited, a show I’ve watched, something I have read about, or a podcast I have listened to.  My favorite podcasts come Stuff You Should Know.  Stuff You’ve Missed in History Class is my absolute favorite podcast from that website.

6.      Drink More Coffee

Coffee is life. Today was the first time I had coffee since last Friday.  While I was recovering, I did not crave or want coffee.  Now that I am feeling better, I want coffee.

7.      Eat more chocolate

Enough said!

Have a magical day!


4 thoughts on “7 Things to Do More Often

  1. Great list. I recall after having a surgery some years ago, that the first thing I wanted was a cup of coffee. And food. I don’t think I got either until at least lunch time.

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