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Slow Cooker Freezer Kits – An Update

Currently there are 15 freezer slow cooker kits in my freezer. It’s so easy to pull out a kit in the evening and then drop it in the slow cooker in the morning.

About a month ago, I put together 12 freezer slow cooker kits.  Then I shared my slow cooker freezer meal plan.

Having those kits in the freezer has been helpful because I ended up getting sick.  It was easy to put the food in the slow cooker and then set the slow cooker to cook the food.  There was not much thinking about what we were going to eat for dinner.  Believe you me, Hubby is happy to have dinner.

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More Freezer Meals (Day 27)

Welcome to Day 27 of 31 Days of Slow Cooking!

Here are more photos from Hubby’s and I’s visit to Louisville, Kentucky.  (First post)

After we left the Ohio Falls, we headed to the Muhammad Ali Center.  I highly suggested this place.

View from the Ali Center
View from the Ali Center
The escalator we had to go up to the beginning of the tour.

More of the exhibits:

Right outside the center:

The exterior of the Ali Center

On the next blog post, we will be visiting the University of Louisville and then our dinner.

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Freezer Meals (Day 26)

I am behind with the 31 Days of Slow Cooking.  Last week was crazy busy with parent teacher conferences on Monday and Wednesday nights.  I did not get home from work until almost 8:30 on those nights.  Then I had activities with the boys on Tuesday and Thursday evenings so I was gone on those nights.  Then my Hubby and I went on a weekend trip to Louisville, Kentucky so I was busy during the weekend.

On Friday, we traveled 2.5 hours south to Louisville.  Once we got there, Hubby decided to turn off the GPS unit because he knew where he was going.  Needless to say, he did not know where he was going so that GPS unit had to be put back on.

The first stop was crossing the bridge to the Indiana side of Louisville.  We went to the Ohio Falls Interpretive Center area.  We enjoyed the coast line of the Ohio River even though it was treacherous at times.

Here are photographs of our drive down and the area around Ohio Falls.

This display was at one of the rest areas in Kentucky.
Our lunch

When we were lost, we found this cool church.

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