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Beach Shenanigans – Day 8 Part 3

Before Hubby and I left for our sunset hunting date, we celebrated the Wee Ones and the Imaginative One’s birthdays by giving them gifts.  They both got new shirts from grandma and play poop from their cousins.

Afterwards, we went outside to find more sharks’ teeth.  My niece and nephew found lots of sharks’ teeth that afternoon so they wanted to show the boys how they found them.

I also wanted to get some photos of the boys jumping into the surf.  That did not go well.  They played more than allowing me to get a good photo.  Then the Wee One decided he needed to do cartwheels in the surf.

Enjoy my video from our shenanigans on the beach.

Join me next week for Hubby’s and my sunset hunting date.

Have a magical day,

Mount Pleasant – Day 8 Part 3

After we were done visiting Angel Oak, we headed over to Mount Pleasant.  Hubby wanted to do some geocaching while I wanted to visit Aldi.  The Aldi in Mount Pleasant is the only Aldi in the Charleston area.

I knew that Aldi would have gluten free food that I could eat.  Since it was almost the end of the week, I needed some gluten free food for our trip home.

Hubby found a park for us to stop at while we were in Mount Pleasant.  I wish I remembered the name of the park.  I believe it was Patriots Point but I’m not sure.

After we were finished with seeing the park, we went to Aldi’s.

On our way back to the beach house, we stopped at a restaurant called Cory’s Grilled Cheese.  We found this restaurant when we visited Folly Beach in 2013.  Hubby and I each got our dinner there.  The boys ate dinner at the beach house.

Join me next week for our Shenanigans on the Beach.

Have a magical day,

Angel Oak – Day 8 Part 2

Day 8 Part 1 was my Thursday Morning Beach Walk.

After my brother-in-law and nephew ran the Ravenel Bridge, our family decided to meet up at Angel Oak for our traditional visit to the Oak.

The Angel Oak is located on John’s Island.  It is at least 400 to 500 years old.  Some consider it to be one of the oldest living oaks in the country.

It’s a must see if you are going to visit Charleston.  It’s located about a half an hour from the downtown Charleston.

While you are at the Angel Oak, make sure you read the signs because there is a lot of restrictions because they are trying to preserve the oak for future generations.  When we went in 2013, I was talked to because I put my tripod in an area that tripods were prohibited.  (I only had to move it a few feet.)

Enjoy my video of our visit to the Angel Oak.

Join me next week for our visit to Mount Pleasant.

Have a magical day,

Wednesday Night Sunset – Day 7 Part 7

On the way home from downtown Charleston, we stopped at Chick Fil-A for dinner.  Since the Wee One had been excellent while we were at the Citadel and in downtown Charleston, we allowed him to pick our dinner.

That night we decided to once again to watch the sunset.  Instead of heading to the Sunset Marina, we opted to go to the Folly Beach Park which was located close to our house.

When we walked into the park, there was a couple who had a parrot with them.  We stopped and talked to the couple so we could meet the gorgeous parrot.

Since there was a pelican rookery close to the park, I kept mentioning the amount of pelicans that were flying over our heads.

While we were waiting for the sunset, Hubby kept trying to find sharks’ teeth while I was walking around the beach trying to get great photos.  When he wasn’t looking for the teeth, I was showing him how to take photos using the reflection of the surf.

The sunset was not as brilliant at the park which was a bummer.  However I did get cool photos of the sunset with palm trees and oat grass.

Enjoy the video of the sunset.

Join me next week for our visit to Angel Oak.

Have a magical day,

Back to Downtown Charleston – Day 7 Part 6

After we left the Citadel, we once again visited downtown Charleston. Once again, we parked on Church Street in front of the St. Phillips Church. We, meaning the boys, were starved after the walking tour of the Citadel. Hubby and I promised them some ice cream before heading back to the beach house.

The family began walking down Queen Street towards Waterfront Park. Instead of ice cream, we found gelato which is even more delicious than ice cream. At Belgian Gelato, I tried a new dessert which was a scoop of gelato with espresso. The espresso flavor I tried was pistachio.

After we got our gelato, we walked to the Waterfront Park. There is a pineapple shaped fountain in the park. Kids and even some adults can get in the water to wade around. So cool.

There was also a splash pad area. The Wee One thought that was cool. He opted to try to avoid the streams of water, so he wouldn’t get wet.

We then walked to Philadelphia Avenue. When we were in Charleston in 2013, Hubby tried to find the geocache that is in Philadelphia Avenue. He wanted to try to find it. Success! It was found.

A stranger offered to take our photo at the entrance of Philadelphia Avenue. The photo is my current favorite photo of the family.

After we were finished getting gelato, we headed towards the Marketplace so that I could find some chocolate. Again, success!

Since we had chocolate and gummies, we headed back to the car so that we could go back to the beach house. On the way back to the beach house, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for our dinner. The Wee One did not complain about his feet hurting while we were walking around the Citadel and then downtown Charleston, so we allowed him to pick our dinner.

Enjoy the video I created for the time we spent in downtown Charleston.

Have a magical day,

White Point Garden and the Battery – Day 7 Part 3

Our first stop of the day was White Point Garden and the Battery.  For the past 18 years, I had thought the Battery was named the Battery.  I did not realize the Garden area actually had a name.

It was not until I read The House on Tradd Street that I realized the garden actually had a name.

When we got there, there was a bunch of people gathered at one end of the garden.  We could not figure out why until we asked someone.  It was Carolina Day.

What is Carolina Day?  On June 28, 1776, the British fired at Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island.  Fort Moultrie was a fort built out of palmettos.  At the time, the battle ensued the fort was half built.  The soldiers at Fort Moultrie were victorious.

Every year, Carolina celebrates the anniversary of the battle.

Since Fort Moultrie was made of palmettos, that is the reason there is a palmetto on the flag of South Carolina.

In a future blog post, I will share out photos from our visit to Fort Moultrie on Friday of our trip.

Enjoy the video of our visit to White Point Garden and the Battery.

Join me next time for our walk to and from our car at the Battery.  The houses located around the Battery is known as Rainbow Row.

Have a magical day,


Downtown Folly – Visiting Black Magic – Day 7 Part 2

After my morning walk, Hubby took me to downtown Folly to get a smoothie at the Black Magic Cafe’.  When we visited in 2013, I visited the cafe’ several times to get a smoothie.  They are delicious!

Continue reading Downtown Folly – Visiting Black Magic – Day 7 Part 2

Wednesday Morning Sunrise – Day 7 Part 1


I’m so excited to start to share the blog posts of Wednesday of our trip to Folly Beach.  We did some cool things on Wednesday such as visiting White Point Garden at the Battery and the Citadel.

As usual, I began the morning with a walk along the beach.  On Wednesday, I took a mini walk instead of the longer walks I took on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Continue reading Wednesday Morning Sunrise – Day 7 Part 1