Mock Thin Mints

I’ve been making mock thin mints for years.  This is one of the Imaginative One’s favorite Christmas treats. I didn’t have any pictures for the original post so I added one once I made a small batch of them today.

Top Clicks of 2012

According to my stats counter, these are the top 10 recipes that were clicked on. Taco Crescent Bake was #1 – It was published in February of  2011. Sloppy Joe Pizza was #2 – It was also published in February of 2011. Watermelon Cookies was #3.  These continue to be my kids and students favoriteContinue reading “Top Clicks of 2012”

Reader’s Favorites

I went to my stats’ summary page to find the recipes that get the most clicks.  This is the top post of 2012. Baked Spaghetti Here’s the 2nd to 5th top posts of 2012: Charleston Cheese Dip Green beans, potatoes and ham Bacon Cheeseburger Soup Peanut Butter Blossoms Redone

Swedish Oatmeal Cookies

I’ve previously mentioned how I like Joanna Fluke’s Hannah Swenson books.  I’m rereading some of the books in the series.  As I was reading Key Lime Murder, she included this recipe.  I was instantly intrigued.  I’ve made other oatmeal cookies that included chocolate chips and M&M’s.  This year I wanted something simple.  This cookie fit theContinue reading “Swedish Oatmeal Cookies”

Christmas Baking

Every year I bake and create Christmas goodies.  My grandma used to do the same thing and then share with family and friends.  I have her bench she used to pile the containers onto and the Kitchen aid mixer she used to whip up the batches of delicious cookies.  Once I was an adult livingContinue reading “Christmas Baking”