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West Virginia – Day 1

My husband made plans to go white water rafting for a few of his boys that he took down to Key West a year ago. It was sort of a “family” reunion because the BOYZZZZ (I can’t remember the number of z’s) were back together minus one of them. He also made plans to take Youngest also.

As he was finalizing the plans, my niece decided she also wanted to go. Since she was going, I decided I would go along also. It was going to be my first time away from home since before my mom died in October.

We were supposed to go back to Louisville in March but then the whole quarantine happened so that was a no go. Anyway, I think this was more fitting because Mom loved West Virginia. She had family there that she would go and visit with her family. Then she went to college there. So she would visit there a lot. She was not a big traveler so she either went to Kentucky to visit her friend or West Virginia when she got older.

It was decided I was not going to go white water rafting for 2 reasons. One is that I have done it and had no desire to do it again. Also, we had 8 people which was going to be 2 rafts full. They would need a third raft to fit us all.

My husband and I stayed in a cabin while the BOYZZZZ and Youngest camped out. (My niece slept in our cabin one night and outside the next night.)

The first day consisted of us traveling down to West Virginia and then just hanging out at the camp site. While they gathered around the fire, I took a walk and got some photos of the sunset and some of the beautiful foliage and scenery. Our campsite had these huge rocks just randomly placed around the area. They were pretty rocks, so I needed some photos of them.

Here is a video of our trip down and the first day we were in West Virginia.

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