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Mom, What’s for dinner? – Week of June 15, 2020

It’s been a while since Hubby has worked 5 days during the week. This week is one of those weeks. I’ll cook for the boys and myself on the days he is working. He’ll eat the leftovers the next day or when he gets home from work if he is hungry.

In a couple of weeks, I’ll be changing the YOYO to Wednesdays when I begin to go to Celebrate Recovery on Wednesday evenings. I help make and receive dinner while there. Oldest is not too happy about the change in plans.

If I use one of my freezer kits for a meal this week, there is going to be a star next to it.

Date NIGHT! – Hubby has to work on Father’s Day, so we are going out tonight for dinner instead. We could take the kids with us but with the quarantine and being around them all of the time, we need time away from them.

*Cool Ranch Tacos, seasoned black beans, and corn with Cojita cheese (frozen from Trader Joe’s) – I also have pico and lettuce for the tacos.

*Honey Garlic Beef, rice, and broccoli


Oven “fried chicken,” roasted potatoes, veggies (To be determined)


YOYO – You are on your own

We don’t plan Saturday meals because we often will forage for food. If we need a meal, Youngest and I will make breakfast for dinner. He loves to make the eggs when we do BFD’s.

When the boys were younger, we did family dinners almost every night. It really fostered family bonds. Then we started slacking because life got tough. During this time home, we’ve begun to do more family dinners together. I’m seeing my Youngest coming around. Being almost 15 years old, it is sometimes difficult for him to want to spend time with his family.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,