September Meals

We had some successful meals during August.  I heard alot of yums coming from hubby’s mouth.  Some of his favorites were the White Castle Sliders, spaghetti carbonara, and breakfast burritos.  My favorites were the bowtie lasagna, White Castle Sliders, spaghetti carbonara, and lemon basil pasta.  During early August, I made the spaghetti carbonara.  Hubby absolutely… Continue reading September Meals

Wordless Wednesday #8 – Imaginative One’s Pictures (Part 1)

The Imaginative One has been working on taking pictures.  These were taken at the Columbus Zoo.  I am in absolute love with the polar bear, penguin, and flamingo shots. Come back next week for more pictures taken by the Imaginative One. This post is linked up to Wordless Wednesday at “And Miles to Go Before… Continue reading Wordless Wednesday #8 – Imaginative One’s Pictures (Part 1)

Menu Plan Monday – Week of August 30

Monday – porcupine meatballs (freezer), rolls, veggie Tuesday – molasses chicken (freezer), make over macaroni and cheese, veggie Wednesday – Skyline chili over spaghetti, rolls Thursday – Baked potatoes with skyline chili and cheese, veggie Friday – spaghetti, Italian breadsticks, salad, applesauce Saturday – leftovers This post is linked up to Menu Planning Monday at… Continue reading Menu Plan Monday – Week of August 30

Seasoning without salt

MJ, one of my family members, got this interesting sheet that lists different ways to season food without using salt.  As we are becoming more diligent with making sure things are low sodium for my father-in-law, I thought it was appropriate to post this list. For beef:  bay leaf, dry mustard, green pepper, marjoram, fresh… Continue reading Seasoning without salt

Favorite books – Hannah Swenson series

I’ve decided to do a series of posts about different books that I enjoy either reading or listening to on CD.  Some are adult series while others might be a children’s series.  One of my favorite series is the Hannah Swenson series.  It’s a murder mystery series that involves Hannah who owns a cookie shop… Continue reading Favorite books – Hannah Swenson series

Cookies and Cream Cheeseball

A few weeks ago, I had a MOP’s party that I was going to attend.  I knew I needed to bring some sort of party food to share with everyone.  At first I thought about bringing brownies but when I got home from work that evening I decided I was not in the mood to bake… Continue reading Cookies and Cream Cheeseball

Instant Oatmeal Mix

Usually I’m not a big oatmeal eater, however; when I saw this mix on Mommy’s Kitchen I decided I needed to try it.  Oh my goodness, it’s a lot better than the instant oatmeal you get at the grocery store.  I think I like it because I can add what I want to it so it’s… Continue reading Instant Oatmeal Mix