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Aviation Tour – Wright B Flyer and Woodland Cemetery

Last Thursday, the Imaginative One, Wee One, and I started on the Aviation Tour around Dayton, Ohio.  We went to see the look-alikes of the Wright B Flyer and then to Woodland Cemetery.  A lot of famous Daytonians are buried in Woodland Cemetery.  We wanted to see the Wright Brothers’ burial plot, Paul Laurence Dunbar’s, and the boy and his dog statue.  The boys were real troopers walking in the cemetery.

After we got done at Woodland Cemetery, we discovered the car’s keys were left in the car.  So we had to call my hubby so he could bring the spare keys to me.  While we waited for him, we walked down to Starbucks to use the restroom and get a drink.  The boys were again troopers with all the walking.  When we returned to the car, hubby was pulling up with the keys.

After we got home, the Imaginative One came down with a fever and a bad cough.  The next day, we found out he had Croup. 

Here are some pictures of our adventure:

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Here are links to our other adventures on the Aviation Tour:  Air Force Museum, Carillon Park, and the Wright Brothers’ Interpretive Center.

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Aviation Tour – Air Force Museum

My best friend, Angie, suggested taking the Aviation Tour around my hometown.  When her daughter did it two weeks ago, she had a blast.  I had never visited many of the places, even though I’ve lived in the area for twenty-five years.  It’s been fun to visit the places, especially with the Imaginative One, because he is interested in history and how things work.

Yesterday we visited the Air Force Museum.  We have been here many times because it is close by and free to the public.  The Imaginative One had a blast looking at the different planes, trying to figure out how they kept the planes up in the air, and trying to figure out what type of material they used to make the grass and snow in a few of the displays.  The Wee One thought some of the planes were cool but really had the attention span of a gnat when it came to the museum.  He kept moving ahead, which really put a damper on the Imaginative One and me trying to learn about airplanes.

The Imaginative One was funny when he began to talk about one of the areas of the museum.  He told me that his memory was not fresh, but he did remember some of it.  It was amazing what he did remember. 

Here are some pictures from our trip:

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Here are links to our other adventures on the Aviation Tour:  Wright B Flyer and Woodland Cemetery, Carillon Park, and the Wright Brothers’ Interpretive Center.

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Fourth of July

When you live in a military town, you have great Fourth of July celebrations. This year was no exception. On the third, we attended a small parade in the next town.  We usually do not get to go to that parade because it is usually on the Fourth and our town has a huge parade.  The boys had a great time at the parade, especially when participants threw candy.  Later in the evening, we attended the annual block party.  We stayed only about an hour.  It was hot and loud there.  The boys were unhappy that we did not stay long because there was not much fun.

On the Fourth, we went to church. Our pastor decided to do a colonial liturgy to celebrate the holiday.  One of the church members did an excellent rendition of Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA during the service.  During the day’s heat, we attended our town’s huge parade.  My hubby had it easy because he sat in the shade while I stayed on the front lines to ensure the boys did not get hurt while running after the candy.  We had to laugh because they did not want only candy.  They also wanted any piece of paper given by the parade participants.  The Wee One growled and got upset because the Stanley Steamer guys did not give him a door hanger.  The person just laughed and handed him one.  When the hour-and-a-half parade ended, I was soaked from head to toe with sweat, but seeing the joy on my boys’ faces was worth seeing.

We rested at home for a while and then headed out again. The next stop was a relative’s house for a cookout.  Since it was so hot, she grilled the food, and then we ate in the house.  The boys had fun playing with another child.  They did not want to stop playing when it was time to eat.

We stayed there for about 2 hours and then headed home for a few minutes before heading out one last time. This time was to see the fireworks. When we went past the high school close to where the fireworks were going to be launched, we noticed a steady stream of cars heading there. We decided to get our rears over there.  So my sister, the boys, and I headed home to pick up hubby and then over there.  We paid the dollar to park in the nonpremium parking lot and then just waited the hour for the fireworks.  The boys wanted to be read to during that hour, so that made the time go by quickly.  The fireworks were beautiful.  After they were finished, we got out of the parking lot rather easily. Pictures will be posted in a different post.

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Is it my birthday?

Ever since January, the Wee One has asked me if it was his birthday yet?  I would tell him no and then tell him how many more months until his birthday.  When June came, he would ask every day instead of just every once in a while.  We would talk about how many more days were left. 

On Father’s Day, we went to my mother’s to celebrate with her.  We decided to eat at a local park, but since there was a heat advisory, we ate in the shelter.  The boys fed the ducks in the pond after they finished lunch.  The Wee One got to open up his birthday gifts.  (So did the Imaginative One because his birthday is coming up.)

Later that evening, we went to my in-laws for our Sunday meal.  After dinner, we celebrated his birthday with cupcakes and ice cream treats.  One of his church buddies came over to help him celebrate his birthday.

The Wee One’s birthday cupcakes – His favorite colors are orange and blue.

When the Wee One blew out his cupcakes, he kept blowing and blowing.  Finally, his daddy had to help him.

His brother took extra care with the wrapping of the gift.  I had to stop putting tape on the package because he wanted many tapes.

We went to a free movie at the local movie theater on the Wee One’s actual birthday.  We saw The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything.  Afterward, we got the tickets for Toy Story 3 and then ate at Red Robin.  After we ate Red Robin, the Wee One and I met with the Imaginative One and daddy to see Toy Story 3, a very good movie.  The Wee One went for a swim when we got home.  Later in the evening, we went on a play date with my MOP’s group.  Of course, the Wee One found a mud puddle and fell in.  So we had to go home.  All in all, I think he had a delightful fifth birthday.


Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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I wish you would dance

Last night, the boys gave the performance of their lifetime.  They now think they are famous and their dance video will be in the library.

My mother-in-law offered to pay and take the imaginative one to dance class, so last year, he took ballet.  This past year he decided to take tap dance.  She then offered to take the wee one to dance class, also.  In late November, he started taking a tumbling class.  They practice and practice until it is time for their big show, which occurred last night. 

During the actual recital, you are prohibited from taking any pictures or videos of the performance.  However, you can take as many pictures and videos as you want during the rehearsal.  Here are some pictures from the rehearsal.

The Wee One checking himself out in the dressing room’s mirror.  He liked turning those lights on and o,ff which about blinded me when they were on.

The imaginative one in his costume

The imaginative one doing a staying alive pose.

The imaginative one stole the show with his special move and bow.

The wee one loved posing in his costume. 

This is my favorite pose because it shows the Wee One’s personality.

The Wee One acting “normal.”

During the practice, the Wee One had to looking around the stage because there is so much to see up there.  He also twirled around in place.

The Wee One at the end of his performance

If given a chance, I hope you dance.

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The Wee One’s birthday

The wee one is excited about turning the big 5.  He’s been talking about it since January.  We keep having to tell him that it is so many months away.  Now that it is June, he keeps asking me every day, is it my birthday?!?  I have to tell him, no, you have so many days left.  He’s on the final countdown because he only has  2 more days left until he’s a whole handful (like he already isn’t one).  Although when you ask him how many days he has left, he will tell you that he has 2 weeks. 

We are celebrating his birthday tonight.  He is excited, but I think it is because he will get gifts.  We tell him the gifts are for other people, but he doesn’t believe us.  The imaginative one got him a gift last weekend.  It’s a book about reptiles right up the wee one’s alley.  Today we were given Toy Story paper from my mom, so the imaginative one had to use it to wrap his brother’s gift.  He put a lot of tape on it.  That is until I told him he had had enough of the gift.  Then the imaginative one had to pick out a card from my stash.  He wrote a nice note to his brother on the card.  Then he had to tape the card to the gift.  Again he had to use lots of tapes.  The funniest thing was he put his brother’s first and last name on the envelope.  It’s nice that he cares so much for his brother.

I can’t believe my 6-pound, 8-ounce baby boy is now a 32-pound 5-year-old boy who speaks his mind.

I will get pictures of the Wee One when I find the baby pictures on my hard drive.