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When Foodie Pen Pals Meet

During the winter, we decided to go to our favorite beach – Folly Beach, South Carolina. Ideas about where we should go on the way there and the way home were thrown around. We knew we did not want to go to Gatlinburg because we had done that twice before, so it was time for something new. I mentioned Charlottesville, VA, and Hershey, PA, as possible destinations. Hershey was quickly vetoed because it would take too long to get there and then too long to travel down. So we decided Charlottesville would be our destination.

When I was a teenager, my mom, sister, and I would travel down to Charlottesville via bus. We would first go to Washington, D.C., and visit different historical sights during our layover. I’m getting sidetracked from my story.

There were 3 things on my agenda for our visit to Charlottesville – Monticello, the University of Virginia rotunda, and the pedestrian mall. About a week before our trip, I emailed Jo. Jo was my November Foodie Pen Pal. We had exchanged emails about her motorcycle trip to Ohio and how much she loved Cincinnati-style chili. So I sent her a box with ingredients to make chili.

I emailed her because she lives in Charlottesville, and as a foodie, I needed the 4-1-1 on good places to eat there. She offered to meet us at the pedestrian mall if we had time so she could give us a local’s perspective on great foods to eat. I warned her about the Wee One and the Imaginative One because I didn’t know if she wanted to spend a Friday evening with two elementary-age children stuck in a car for 7 hours and then walk around Monticello for 3 hours (almost actual times). They could get a little squirrely. She was okay with that, so we met up.

She helped us find parking and even find Hawaii license plates. The Wee One loves looking at license plates and yelling out the different states. His goal was to find Hawaii and Alaska. There were 2 cars with Hawaii license plates in the parking lot we parked in. Supposedly I owe him Legos because he found one of the rare license plates.

It was so much fun talking to her about foodies and other random topics such as running, walking to Monticello from her house, and where Dave Matthews had his first gig. My Hubby even enjoyed talking to her and loved her accent because she is originally from Quebec. She even showed us the Coke machine (which doesn’t work) at Chap’s ice cream. The boys loved the place. They could draw and write their name in chalk. They were not so happy about walking around, but when you are 8 and 10, parents can make you do boring things.

Here are some pictures:

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My new favorite foodie place

Last month as I was getting ready to shop for my foodie pen pal, I decided to visit the Second Street Market.  I had driven by it many times but it was closed so I couldn’t stop.  The boys and I went and got lunch before heading to another place.  The Greek salad I got at one of the vendors was so good.  It was the best Greek dressing I’ve had.

I tried to get back there but my Saturdays were busy so it was not feasible.  Note:  It’s only open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.  It’s closes at 3 on all 3 days and I drive by it at 4 so I cannot stop.  

Last Saturday, I made the trek down to the market before heading to my digital photography class.  Foods I discovered on that day were a granola called “Triple Threat.”  It has cranberries, white chocolate, and walnuts.  Not too sweet, great as a snack.  I also discovered Rahn’s Artisan breads.  Their bagels are delicious.  Spice Rack and Bulk Foods has unusual tea combos.  There is not a lot of variety but that’s okay because I’ll eventually try them all.  I got Fruit Sangria, Coconut Truffle, and a Hazelnut Toffee teas.  My tea infuser from Charleston Tea Plantation has been put to work.  

So this week, I decided I was going to go once again to the Second Street Market and buy some local goodies for my foodie pen pal.  (I’m not going to disclose what I bought for her.)  The boys had gone north east to see their cousins so Hubby and I had free time.  We went out to see Gatsby on Friday night and went to the market on Saturday.  Two dates in two days – virtually unheard of in these parts of the woods.  We almost went on a third date to Sam’s Club but that would have been too much.  One of the dates was to celebrate our anniversary.  The other was to celebrate my birthday.  

He was pleasantly surprised with the variety and smells of the place.  It was super busy but that’s a good thing.  Vendors were selling their wares.  We watched a man making a bowl on his pottery wheel.  We heard a bluegrass band singing while little kids were dancing.  We taste tested different infused olive oils and balsamic vinegar.  Then we got our lunch.  It was so busy that finding a table was virtually impossible.  Luckily for us, as he got his fried egg sandwich a table opened up.  I got my Mediterranean veggie sandwich and Greek salad.  It was a great date!

Next week, we are hitting the World A Fair to taste test foods from all over the world.  We love going there.  I’ve already have a list of foods I want to eat there so I’m excited!

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,

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I have an obsession with granola.  I love trying new flavors.  We were at Whole Foods yesterday, and I was checking out the granola.  The Imaginative One had to tell me to step away from the granola area because I didn’t need to buy too many of them.  I just love eating them with either plain yogurt or almond coconut milk for breakfast or with my lunch.

Here’s my newest find:


It’s delicious!

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Sunday prep

I have parent-teacher conferences this week, so I’ll be working late. I ensured Hubby had food to feed both boys on Monday and Wednesday. I also need to make sure I have plenty of healthy snacks.


Ranch-flavored veggie chips in individual bags


Carrot sticks


Italian Sloppy Joes


Asian Chicken Burgers


Ham and cheese scones


Almond Protein Pancakes


Celery Sticks