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Top Posts of 2022 – Most viewed

Food and travel make up a lot of what people viewed this past year.

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Top Recipes of 2022 – Most viewed

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My Top Ten Breakfast Foods

Today I’m back with my Top Ten List. I know it’s been about a year since I posted one.

Today I’m going to share my Top Ten Breakfast Foods

Hopefully this list will help you when you are trying to decide what to eat for breakfast.

1. Yogurt Parfait – Greek Yogurt, sometimes honey, granola, fruit

yogurt parfait
Yogurt Parfait ready to be eaten

2. Green Smoothie – Juice (oj), spinach, and frozen fruit – That is all that is needed to make a green smoothie.

Power Up Green Smoothie

3. Granola

4. Chocolate Croissant – Especially when I’m at Disney.  For some reason, I love them there.

5. Eggs – Scrambled or Fried – If I have fried eggs, I like to eat butter toast with it.

6. Cottage Cheese with canned peaches – Yum!

7. Granola bar with string cheese and fruit – Usually a quick breakfast on the go!  Kashi bars or some of the granola bars from Aldi are usually my go to for the granola bars.

8. Lara bar with string cheese and fruit – A variation of #7.

9. Hard boiled eggs with string cheese and fruit – I like Trader Joe’s Everything But the Bagel seasoning on my hard-boiled eggs.

10. Waffles especially at hotels – Yum!


Some other contenders for the top 10 list are:

Overnight Oatmeal


What are your top breakfast foods?

Have a magical day!

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Top 10 Essential Road Trip Necessities

Today ‘s Top 10 is My Top 10 Essential Road Trip Necessities. I’ve broken them down into my essential items, Hubby’s essential items, the boys’ essential items, and then the family’s essential items.

My Essential Road Trip Items:

#1 snacks

#2 camera

#3 phone and car charger

Camera - Free images on Pixabay

Hubby’s Essential Road Trip Items:

#4 GPS unit – Has saved our marriage more than once when we have been on a road trip.

#5 hotel reservations

#6 money

File:Garmin nuvi 1490t.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Boys’ Essential Road Trip Items:

#7 blanket and pillow

#8 books – The more the better.

File:Book sale loot (4552277923).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Family’s Essential Road Trip Items:

#9 clothes

#10 books on tape – We love listening to stories while we are driving from destination to destination.  It makes the drive seem so much faster.

Free photo Colorful Style Dress Fashion Clothes Clothing - Max Pixel


Join me next week for when I discuss my Top 10 Ice Cream Flavors.

What is something that you need for your road trips?


Have a magical day,