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A Carillon Christmas at Carillon Park

What was the last thing you did for play or fun?

Daily prompt

I do not know if this is what they meant about play or fun. I am taking my own liberty with this prompt.

My hubby and I went to a local historical park on Tuesday night. Every year, they have a Christmas celebration. It’s absolutely beautiful with the lights.

In July, I started my master’s degree at Western Governors University. I needed a school that allowed me to work at my own pace and utilize skills I had learned along the way. I finished the last class I needed to be in good standing in November. I was asked if I wanted to accelerate. So I agreed to take the fourth class. My goal this week was to finish the class. Tuesday afternoon, I wrote my last paper. Our visit to Carillon Park was for fun after finishing a lot of work for the class.

Dayton, Ohio, was the hometown of the Wright Brothers, the pioneers of aviation. Located within the park is a national museum dedicated to them. A replica of the Wright Brothers’ 1905 Wright B Flyer is located in the museum. If you know anything about the Wright Brothers, you know they always wore a bowler hat. One of the Christmas trees had a bowler hat as the topper, which is cool.

After we were done looking at the 1905 Wright B Flyer, we went to the transportation center. There is a bridge there that is absolutely beautiful. I took photos for a family, so they took photos for us.

My husband was cold, so we went into the transportation center to warm up. And then we climbed the tower that was behind us in the one photo.

Carillon Park has an old fashioned printing press. During the last year, they have updated the building. My hubby had not seen it since the update, so he was excited about it. We got Christmas cards done for free while there. One per person in a family. That was so cool.

Here are some more pictures of the park all lit up for the holiday season.

Most people enjoy looking at the Carillon that is located just outside the park’s entrance. If you park along the road, you can go “inside” and see the carillon or wait until it begins ringing it’s melodic songs. I had to compromise with my hubby. I climbed the tower to see the carillon instead of parking. This is a photo inside the park of the carillon.

This was a fun outing. By the way, I passed the paper I had written. First term towards my masters degree is now complete.

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My must gets at Aldi

List your top 5 grocery store items.

Today’s prompt
  1. Hard salami – Sometimes I don’t know what I want for lunch. Hard salami is one of the only lunch meats I enjoy eating. So I get hard salami for days. I want to make a snack plate for my lunch.
  2. Creamer – There are only two kinds of creamer that I usually use, which is French Vanilla and Italian Sweet Cream. I went to Kroger the other day. Their name brand was a whole dollar more than Aldi’s brand.
  3. Coffee pods – I love their French vanilla pods. I get 12 for $4, which is great. I use them at work because I have a Keurig in my classroom. During the fall, they had a maple pecan flavor that was phenomenal. My room always smelled great after I drank the coffee.
  4. Cottage cheese – One of my favorite quick breakfasts is cottage cheese and jam. I get both of those at Aldi. I enjoy eating cottage cheese with blueberries, almond slices, and honey for another breakfast. So good and easy.
  5. Blocks of cheese – When I decide not to use shredded cheese, I shred my own. The blocks of cheese are $2. We shred them, make cheese cubes, and use them for grilled cheese. The two kinds I get are Colby jack and sharp cheddar.

Snack plates –

I have included a list of foods I enjoy in my snack plate.

  • Meat or nut butter
    • Hard salami
    • Peanut butter
    • Cashew butter
    • Chicken
    • Tuna
    • Etc . . .
  • Cheese and/or dip
    • I’m not saying you can’t have both. You do you.
    • Use those block cheeses to make cheese cubes, or get fancy and try goat cheese. Aldi has some great ones.
    • Hummus is a great dip. You can buy it or make your own.
    • Salsa
    • Ranch
    • Etc. . .
  • Pickles and/or olives
  • Veggies
    • Cucumber
    • Carrots
    • Mini bell peppers
    • Tomatoes
    • Etc . . .
  • Crackers/ Chips/ Popcorn
    • I eat a gluten-free diet. My favorite crackers are the Farmhouse Cheddar ones from Simple Mills. They remind me of a Cheez-It. I also like the entertainment crackers from Schar. Those remind me of a Ritz.
    • Tortilla chips
    • Skinny Pop is good popcorn.
    • The corn chips from Aldi are just as good as Fritos. Cheaper too.
  • Some sort of sweet. You need to enjoy your food. I love the Albanese gummy bears and sour bears. They are certified gluten-free. I pack a few of those, and my sweet tooth is satisfied.