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One frustration with eating vegetarian (Day 5 of 31)

It’s not always easy eating a vegetarian diet.  The Standard American Diet is meat-based.

Most restaurants have a variety of main meat dishes but little variety regarding vegetarian main dishes.  This can be infuriating.  Plus, you never know if the dinners are truly vegetarian.  Sometimes they will use ingredients like chicken stock in their recipes.

Similarly, when you go to a potluck, you never know what ingredients were used when cooking the food.  In late August, I went to a family reunion.  I took a helping of what I thought was regular mac and cheese.  I found out that it was actually mac and cheese with shrimp.

I ate some other food at the reunion.  My stomach ached for the rest of the evening.  I wondered if I had eaten something that was made with meat.

You can remedy this by making a dish or two that you know is safe.  I cooked a vegan baked bean dish and a potato salad that was safe to eat.  However, it was not the main dish, so I tried eating some of the other dishes that were prepared.  Bad mistake.

So the next potluck I went to, I made a vegan pumpkin chili and brought along mac and cheese, so I could eat safe foods.  I ate those two dishes and also had some raw veggies.

Another issue is when work brings us food.  Sometimes there are vegetarian-friendly foods.  While other times there is no vegetarian-friendly food.

It’s truly frustrating, but with planning, it can be doable.

With restaurants, plan ahead.  Check their menus before going out to eat, if possible.  I also know the vegetarian-friendly restaurants around my area.  I also know the best places to get a meal and what I can eat there.

Hubby told me that it is not easy to be flexible on road trips because I can’t eat at some restaurants.  It was harder to find places to eat when I was gluten-free.

When you are going to a potluck, make sure you bring a dish or two with you that is vegetarian-friendly.  Or bring something that you can eat.   Something that you don’t have to share with anyone else.

When you know your work is bringing food, have a backup plan.  I have cups of easy mac, cracker sandwiches, and cans of vegetarian veggie soup in my work closet.  So if there is nothing to eat, I can eat something.

As I said, it’s frustrating but doable.  The key is to plan ahead.

Happy vegetarian eating,

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Menu Plan Monday – Week of October 1, 2018 (Vegetarian) – Day 1 of 31

To start off my Write 31 2018, I’m going to provide you with my meal plan for this week.

I’m glad it’s soup season because I can make a big pot or two of the soup and have it for the week.

Here’s what I’m planning for the week.

Sunday – Lasagna stuffed Portobello mushrooms with Italian chopped salad, Fres

Monday – Minestrone soup with the left over Italian chopped salad

Tuesday – Tacos (I’ll share my recipe during this month’s Write 31)

Wednesday – Enchilada skillet

Thursday – Grilled cheese with minestrone soup

Friday – Leftovers

Saturday – Out

Breakfasts for the week:  chocolate chip ricotta muffins and cheese sticks, apple slices (I need easy on the go breakfasts.)

Lunches for the week:  Garden veggie soup, fruit on the bottom yogurt (recipe coming tomorrow), Wheat Thin type crackers


Now onto my family’s Standard American Diet meals for the week.  I don’t get off of work until almost 4 o’clock.  Hubby needs to leave for work around 5:20 so I don’t have time to cook him dinner any more.  He fends for himself with me planning meals.  He and the boys are not real adventurous eaters.  I’ve attempted over the years to introduce them to more foods but they always fall back on the foods that they are comfortable eating.  😦

Sunday – Chicken, roasted potatoes, veggies, Hawaiian rolls, and pumpkin roll

Monday – Pulled pork sandwiches on the remaining Hawaiian rolls

Tuesday – Tacos

Wednesday – Chicken Nuggets and French fries

Thursday – Grilled cheese and tomato soup – The last few times we have had grilled cheese I did not have tomato soup.  Since then, I’ve remedied that and have several containers of soup.

Friday – Chili

Saturday – Out

Join tomorrow for one of my favorite ways to eat yogurt.

Happy eating,


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Welcome to 31 Days of Vegetarian Meals (Day 0 of 31)

918752-meals-quotes (1)

Last February, I was in the midst of my gallbladder disease.  On February 12th, I ate kielbasa from my favorite childhood butcher.

The next day I was very sick.  Even though I did eat some chicken salad that day, I made the decision to start eating vegetarian.

So Valentine’s Day/ Ash Wednesday 2018 is my vegetarian anniversary.

My emergency surgery to have my gallbladder out was on February 24th.  Even though I was allowed to eat a regular diet afterwards, I continued eating a vegetarian diet.

My first goal was to make it until Easter and then I would maybe eat some seafood.  I still have not eaten an seafood or meat.

It’s been 8 months since I became a vegetarian.

During this year’s Write 31, I’m going to be focusing vegetarian cooking.