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Skinnier “Shamrock” Shake (GF)

Oh my goodness, I found a recipe that made the Shamrock shake healthier with fewer calories. It's full of good fats. One of the ingredients might surprise you. It gives you the green coloring without food dye. Now when the boys have their Homemade "Shamrock" shake, I can have this instead. Yeah! Oh, it's also… Continue reading Skinnier “Shamrock” Shake (GF)

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Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

My absolutely favorite muffins are double chocolate chip muffins. When they bring in muffins to work, I gravitate to the double chocolate chip muffins. Usually they have a million bazillion calories in it though. I found a way to have my favorite muffin and still feel good about eating it. The cool thing about these… Continue reading Double Chocolate Chip Muffins