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Angel wings

You attempt to get a photo at the famous Nashville Angel Wings.

Imagine a line full of bridal parties and tourists. It’s at least 30 people deep.

Then imagine you have to go to the restroom because you decided to take a gamble by getting a second drink at the farmer’s market. No public bathrooms are visible.

You also are on a time crunch. So you opt to take this photo from far away. You can at least say you saw them.

Then today you go to get your breakfast. You stumble upon pizza wings. So instead of angel wings, you can be happy with pizza wings instead.

Later on during your adventure home, you find angel wings in a small town in Kentucky. Plus Monarch butterfly wings.

So even though you didn’t get a photo with the iconic angel wings, you find something original. As you tell people, you make plans but leave room for straying away from those plans. You never know what you will find.

Stay kind!

Have a magical day,