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S’Mores Kits (Gluten-free option)

I eat a gluten-free diet. Three things could happen if I eat gluten.

  1. My eczema on my elbow has become irritated.
  2. I get a headache and/or tired if I have a large amount of gluten.
  3. Or my sugar drops, and I crash.

In my town, I have a local, gluten-free bakery. This past week the bakery had gluten-free graham crackers. I had to get some but knew I couldn’t eat them all right away. So I used my food saver to create a S’Mores kit.

In the kit, I put 4 graham crackers, 2 large marshmallows, and 2 blocks of chocolate. Then I used the pulse feature of my food saver to vacuum out the air in the bag. Now I have a S’Mores kit ready for summer fun. I know my treat will be safe to eat.

Happy eating,