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August Writing Prompts

Good morning! I hope all is well for y’all. I’m planning for the next school year. Yes, I know it’s my summer break. However, I need to have a few items in place before school begins.

So I created a list of writing prompts for the month of August. I have planned to make them into Google forms, so that it is easier to track their final writing. They will need to do some sort of prewriting/ brainstorming, first draft and many other drafts, editing, and revising before typing it into the Google Form. I’m thinking Google Docs will be utilized during the other steps of the writing process.

Here are the prompts I created for the month of August. Some of them can be used in other months, not just in August.

The fonts I used were Century Gothic and KG Somebody I Used to Know.

I hope these help you with your planning for next year’s school year.

Happy summer break,