Favorite Meals 2019

Updated August 31, 2019 – Original Post A piece of advice for planning out your meals is to create a list of your family’s favorite meals. That way when you get stuck on creating a menu, you can refer back to the list. Not only will it help you menu plan, you can also makeContinue reading “Favorite Meals 2019”

8th and 10th

How can it be? My boys are in 8th and 10th grade now. They both allowed me to take their photos in the morning. In the afternoon, it was touch and go with the Youngest. Before I left the house, I got a few photos of the Youngest. I was lucky he was willing toContinue reading “8th and 10th”

Where are they?

Before the boys were born, I went white water rafting twice. Both times, we camped out with the Scouts Venturing post. Imagine a camping site located in a valley. Then there was a torrential rainstorm. So what do you think happened? The water pooled into my tent. Oh, I forgot to give you one pieceContinue reading “Where are they?”