Ark Encounter – Part 1 – The Ride Down

Early December, my church decided to travel 2 hours south to the Ark Encounter in Williamsport, Kentucky. During the Christmas season, they had lights that were absolutely beautiful.

A Boy And His Sundae

We have a tradition of going to a local ice cream shop on most Thursday evenings. Yesterday the Oldest got a brownie sundae. I’m surprised the dog was not begging for any of the whipped cream or ice cream. Yummy!

A Spring Walk

I want my 14.5 year dog to enjoy his senior years. Once of his favorite hobbies to do is go with me when I have to take my children to various evening activities. On Tuesday evening, I was attempting to get people out the door. Oldest had to go to Kung Fu before I droppedContinue reading “A Spring Walk”

An Unbelievable Night

Three years ago, the boys and I had the same spring break which is unbelievable. When Hubby realized we all had the same spring break, he decided it was a perfect time to go on a family vacation. Where did he decide to take us? How about Niagara Falls during the last week of March.