Welcome to 31 Days of Vegetarian Meals (Day 0 of 31)

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Last February, I was in the midst of my gallbladder disease.  On February 12th, I ate kielbasa from my favorite childhood butcher.

The next day I was very sick.  Even though I did eat some chicken salad that day, I made the decision to start eating vegetarian.

So Valentine’s Day/ Ash Wednesday 2018 is my vegetarian anniversary.

My emergency surgery to have my gallbladder out was on February 24th.  Even though I was allowed to eat a regular diet afterwards, I continued eating a vegetarian diet.

My first goal was to make it until Easter and then I would maybe eat some seafood.  I still have not eaten an seafood or meat.

It’s been 8 months since I became a vegetarian.

During this year’s Write 31, I’m going to be focusing vegetarian cooking.