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Day Trip to Austin Landing, Miamisburg, and West Carrollton

It seems as though my photo blogging posts get the most likes.  So I decided to make a video of my day trip adventure that I took on Friday.

After getting up for the day, I went to a few of the suburbs south of Dayton, Ohio.  One of the places I had not been to before which is Austin Landing.  I had been to the historic part of Miamisburg last year but didn’t really take photos.  Cox Arboretum is one of my favorite places to visit especially during July because of the butterfly house.

Here is a video of me in the evening talking about my day. In the background, you’ll hear my oldest asking me what I was doing and then he decides I’m vlogging so that is why I called this video Vlogging Attempt.

Here is the actual video from the photos I took on Friday morning. I am working through trying to figure out how to put music in these videos. For some reason, both YouTube and my video creation program only allow one song which is so frustrating.

Enjoy the video.

Have a magical day!