Honeoye Lake (Blog Post #15)

After Molly, her husband, and I finished our time at Canandaigua Lake, we dropped him off at home before heading out once again.

Another visit to my doctor

I’ve been dealing with health issues for the last few months. These health issues have been mentioned in various blog posts.  (Trip to the ER, Clifton Mill’s Twinkling Lights, and 2018’s word of the year)

My heart melted

1. The last time my heart melted was because… On the first day of school last year, I was doing breakfast duty.  I met R.  She is a walking miracle with all of her health issues. As she sat at the table, she kept mumbling about students who were in her class.  However she didContinue reading “My heart melted”

My Winter Bucket List

I haven’t made a bucket list for winter 2018 so I thought I should do that.  Some of the bucket list has been completed.