Irondequoit Bay and Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse (Blog Post #5)

Join me on Wednesdays for photos from my trip to Rochester, New York.

After we got done at the zoo, we drove to Irondequoit, NY.  I wanted to see Lake Ontario.  Actually I had already seen it the year before when we drove from Niagara Falls to Toronto.  We didn’t stop on that trip to take photos by the lake.

irondequoit bay

Irondequoit Bay

lake ontario 2

Lake Ontario

lake ontario 3

Lake Ontario

lake ontario

Lake Ontario

pano lake ontario - webster

Panoramic of Lake Ontario – Webster, NY


Caution Sign







Defaced buoy

various signs


the et

We stopped and got some frozen custard. Yum!

movable bridge

There is a movable bridge linking the towns of Irondequoit and Webster. During the summer, no one can cross it so that boats can get through.


Painted lighthouse

molly and i

Molly and I

me and lake ontario

Acting silly and a little bit serious


Feet in the sand

ironequoit sign

I asked Molly what the Iron name was? She gave me a funny look. I was mispronouncing the name of the town. Irondequoit is an Indian name so I had problems with the pronunciation.  I can now say it correctly.


After we got done in Irondequoit, we drove to Charlotte, NY to see the Charlotte-Genesee Lighthouse.  We could not go on a tour of the lighthouse because it was closed for the day.

lighthouse (2)

The lighthouse

random lighthouse

Area around the lighthouse

signs (2)

Posing with the lighthouse

sign (2)

More info about the lighthouse

signs 2

Various signs


I guess horses can’t go down that road.

Join me next Wednesday.  We’ll be visiting Pittsford and the Erie Canal.

Have a magical day,

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