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What Surprised Me About Getting a Tattoo

1.  It didn’t hurt at first.

When I was getting my tattoo, I ended up feeling a lot more pressure than pain.  There was a few times I actually felt pain.  However, most of the time it was more pressure.

Two days later, I felt pain especially when I moved my left arm.

Image result for tattoo pain meme

I was just looking at the pain chart for tattoos.  Shoulders are supposed to be the least painful so I’m glad that’s where my tattoo is located.

2.  After getting the tattoo, I was in shock.  I felt emotionally and physically drained.

We went to Zoup afterwards.  I remember feeling as though I had run a million miles.

It took my body at least 2 hours to stop feeling that shock.  Then I was ready to take on the world.

I took my mom on a shopping errand after we got home from getting the tattoo.

The Sunset as we were running our errands

3.  How I would only have to wear the bandage for two hours

Once I got the tattoo, it was covered with a bandage.  I only needed to wear it until I got home.  That’s it.  I was supposed to allow the tattoo to breath so it could heal.

4.  How much I would I would fall more and more in love with it.

I love looking at the tattoo.  It’s so pretty.

5.  How much I would have to care for the tattoo during the first two weeks

I had to make sure I washed my hand each time I took care of the tattoo.  I also had to use only all natural non scented soap to wash my tattoo.  Then I had to rub coconut oil over the tattoo.  I could only use paper towels to dry my tattoo.

I was not allowed to scratch my tattoo because it could spread bacteria and cause the ink to smear.

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