Menu Plan Monday – Week of February 27, 2017 (Gluten Free)


“Fried” Chicken with gluten free baking flour, roasted asparagus, cauliflower mashed potatoes with mushroom gravy, cooked carrots, salad, gluten free biscuits






Sausage, Gluten free mac and cheese, Green beans made in the slow cooker



Breakfast for dinner – Ash Wednesday



??? – To Be Determined



You are on your own.




“Slow Down . . .You are in Folly”

Southern charm!

People with cutest Southern accents!

Beautiful beaches and scenery!

Full of history!

Full of mystery!

Ghost stories galore!

The yummiest food!

All of these descriptions describe one of my favorite places to visit.  In fact, I’m visiting it in 4 months.

So where is this paradise?  It’s one of the beaches located close to Charleston, South Carolina.

I’ve shared these photos before when I wrote about our Super Trip in 2013.

Since I’m getting ready to visit once again, I’m going to share lots of photos from Folly Beach and Charleston.

I’m sharing nine different slideshows of photos from our 2013 trip.  I’ve captioned all of the photos.  You can pause the photos to view them better and look at them at your leisure.

Random Shots

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More Random Shots

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Downtown Charleston

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Back to Folly Beach

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More Downtown Charleston

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Folly Beach and the Angel Oak

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Folly Beach

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Even More of Downtown Charleston and the Angel Oak

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And finally back to Folly Beach

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I hope you enjoyed the slideshows of one of my favorite places to visit.

Where is your favorite places to visit?

Have a magical day,

Mama’s Losin’ It

Checking In – Gluten Free Diet – February 21 Update

I have been trying to avoid gluten for 3 weeks now.   For the most part, I’m doing a pretty good job with it.

Then there are the times I screw up unintentionally and end up with either my stomach hurting or a headache.  It’s usually a headache that occurs which is a pain.

  1.  Steak and Shake – I found a list of gluten free foods on the web.  I ended up with the biggest headache after eating it.  People had commented on the post there is a possibility of cross contamination with the shake machine.  Next time I won’t order the milk shake.
  2. My granola – I read the ingredient list over and over again.  I missed the fact there was malt barley in the granola.  Once I realized it, I stopped eating the granola.  I ended up with a slight headache and stomach ache afterwards.  (My mom took the bag of granola so I wouldn’t waste it.)
  3. Soup – I ordered a corn chowder at a local farmer’s market.  It had roux of flour.  Luckily once I figured it out, I took it home and Hubby finished it.  I still ended up with a headache afterwards.



I’ve also had some successes with eating gluten free.

  1. We had a progressive dinner for Valentine’s Day through my church.  I ate and ate that night.  They had a lot of gluten free options.  I ended up eating meat and cheese and veggies for my appetizers.  Barbecue for my dinner minus the roll.  And chocolate dipped cherries and strawberries for my dessert.  I was worried I wouldn’t be able to eat anything.
  2. Our belated Valentine’s Day dinner – We went out to bd’s Mongolian Grill.  I highly suggest it if you have a gluten allergy.  They label which sauces are gluten free and will cook your food separately in the kitchen.  The soups and desserts are not gluten free so be aware of that.  I ended up eating a shrimp and steak stir fry with lots of veggies.  I used their sweet and sour sauce and brought my own gluten free soy sauce.  We went to Cold Stone Creamery for my dessert.  I got a mint chocolate mix in without the brownie.  I loved the fact I had a great meal out without a headache afterwards.  (It also helped I got to see one of my former students while we were out.)

Image result for cheering gif

The next step is to see a doctor about this gluten issue.

Have a magical day,

Menu Plan Monday – Week of February 20, 2017


Out to dinner for a belated Valentine’s Day Dinner



Pork Chops – Some sort of side dish


We are eating at the Imaginative One’s Court of Honor

I’m making Bramble Beans.



Crustless Pizza in the Slow Cooker



BBQ Ribs,



Applesauce Chicken, Rice, Veggies



Eating at the Wee One’s Blue and Gold Ceremony



Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese (Gluten Free)

Last week I didn’t share a recipe with you.  I was still trying to figure out the new gluten free diet I’ve been on the last two weeks. Continue reading “Cauliflower “Mac” and Cheese (Gluten Free)”

Universal Studios, Florida – Part 1 (Diagon Alley)

Join me on Saturdays to see photos from our Universal Studios/ Walt Disney Resort vacation during Thanksgiving.

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A Rainy Day Proposal

What does a rainy Thursday and a townhouse have to do with my marriage proposal?

It was March 18, 1999.

The previous day was my last day of student teaching.  Since we had a really bad winter that year, my student teaching was extended for about a week.  Ice storms and lots of snow plagued the area that winter.

My last student teaching seminar was completed that afternoon.  Exhaustion was felt all the way to my bones.  My plans that evening was to sleep.

However, my boyfriend at that time dragged me out of the dorm room kicking and screaming.

It was a rainy day.  My boyfriend wanted to take me out to a place called Glen Helen in Yellow Springs but the muddiness would make hiking impossible.  So he had to quickly change his plans.

Instead he decided to take us to look for apartments since I was getting ready to move out of the dorms and he was getting to move out of his parents’ house.

The first place we looked at was a townhouse.  It was a perfect starting place for us.  Suddenly as we were looking at the part of the living closest to the stairs, my boyfriend got on one knee.

“Do you want this apartment?  Will you marry me?”

Of course, I said yes on that rainy Thursday.

A month and a half later, my boyfriend became my husband.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  What is your proposal story?

Us in 2015

Have a magical day,

 Mama’s Losin’ It

What We Ate – Columbus, Ohio (January 2017)

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby and I had an evening and the next day to ourselves so we decided to visit a family friend in Columbus, Ohio and then spend the next day at the Columbus Zoo.

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Changing My Diet

A week or so ago, I started to feel really bad.  Headaches and stomach aches plagued my world.  I was easily irritated by everyone and everything.

After four completely miserable days, I finally figured out that I probably have a food sensitivity.  So I’m now trying to eat as little to no gluten after I ate a bunch of foods that contained gluten and I started feeling ill once again.

Within 2 days of changing up my diet, I am already feeling so much better.   I’m craving fruits and veggies.  I’m wanting more water.

Yes, I’m avoiding gluten as much as possible; however, I’m also rethinking my whole diet.  There are foods I have loved for a long while that are gluten-free so that helps.

With this change, I’ve been reflecting on how I’ve not really loved bread.  I eat it, yes.  There can be several days that I don’t eat any bread.  Then I crave bread and over indulge on their deliciousness.

For the past few years, I haven’t eaten Subways because the smell of the bread in the restaurants bothers me.

I also have a love/ hate relationship with pasta.  Sometimes I want it especially mac and cheese.  Yum!  Sometimes I can go a while without eating pasta.  It all depends on my mood.

Join me on my journey as I’m change my diet.  I need to keep myself accountable during this time period.

I’m going to miss some of my favorites at different restaurants.  However, I’m planning to make some substitutions when I can so I can still enjoy those favorite flavors.

It’s been 3 days since I started this change.  Here is what I’ve eaten during these three days.  Mind you I’m cutting out the majority of my caffeine intake and avoiding gluten as much as possible.  I’m still eating sugar because I feel as though I will fail if I get rid of everything.

Tuesday –

Breakfast – green smoothie – spinach, Greek yogurt, frozen mixed fruit, and oj, coffee with creamer

Lunch – oatmeal with walnuts and freeze dried strawberries, unsweetened applesauce, water

Dinner – McDonald’s bacon ranch salad minus chicken, small fries, ranch dressing, and Sprite

Snack / Dessert – Blood orange, Garden of Eatin’ blue chips with apple salsa

Wednesday –

Breakfast – 2 Van’s cinnamon apple waffles with peanut butter, water, and Milky Way Frappe (Co-worker surprised me with it.), coffee with creamer

Lunch – cheesy broccoli and rice, Garden of Eatin’ blue chips (not certified gluten free) with apple salsa, blood orange

Dinner – beef strips cooked with oranges, Feta cheese, and olives, spiralized zucchini and radish salad with homemade mustard dressing

Snack / Dessert – 2 sour gummy worms, piece of chocolate


Thursday –

Breakfast – 2 pieces of Gluten free bread from Aldi with peanut butter, cheddar cheese stick, cup of mixed fruit, coffee with creamer, water

Lunch – cheesy broccoli and rice, Garden of Eatin’ blue chips (not certified gluten free) with apple salsa, Greek yogurt parfait with Gluten free granola and freeze dried strawberries

Dinner – turkey burger made with green chilis, lettuce, peppers, salsa, and shredded Mozarella cheese, homemade home fries, Sonic cherry limeade

Snack / Dessert – Blood orange, piece of chocolate


Happy eating,